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Increase Basic Catch Rates

A Request for Pokemon Sword & Shield

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Request Posttempa

This Request has passed its delivery deadline.
I'm more than half way through the game at this point with a team of Lv. 50 - 60. Most of my Pokedex is filled out with first evos (I think I've caught ~200 total at this point) but I keep bashing my head against the same wall over and over; Some pokemon, namely second and third evolutions are TOO HARD TO CATCH.

With a pokedex of over 400 mons it would be out of my best interest to attempt to level and evolve every single pokemon from their base (if even possible) rather than just catch them. I don't expect every single pokemon to be caught with one or two throws, even at low HP, but when I paralyze / sleep one with 1 HP I don't expect to use 20 Ultra balls.

I wish I was kidding... On a Perrserker. A level 40 Perrserker took me 20 Ultra balls while sleeping on < 15 HP. That just isn't fun.

My request is that the catch rates be at least fair. At most instant. I don't care if I can catch every pokemon with one throw, it would be better than this hell. Legendary Pokemon should be hard to catch, not common grass encounters.

- Changed title as per request.


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Increase catch rates for basic pokemon.
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    Seconding the request on this. 

    Instead of straight up changing every Pokemon's base catch rate, is there a way to edit the catch rate of the various poke balls? Or remove the awful level scaling mechanic? 
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    Best way to catch some:

    Make sure one of your strong pokemon learn False Swipe which drops the health to 1. But be careful cause if you use False Swipe on a Pokemon with a damage dealing move(Take Down) or Weather Condition(Hail), it will knock out the wild pokemon.

    Pokeballs to use:
    Ultra Ball
    Quick Ball(Throw it when you encounter it first. If it fails, don't use it again)
    Dusk Ball(when it's night or in the cave)
    Nest Ball(if your pokemon is higher than the pokemon you're trying to catch)
    Timer Ball(better to use it at 5 turns or 10)
    Don't DM me for stuff
    URL afiŝi:


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Dec 27th, 2019
@ 6:31 am GMT+0000


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