[CS:GO Mod] Requesting A Programmer!

A Request for Counter-Strike: Source

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TheZombieDon is in need of a programmer!

Hey guys, I got a few questions for people who can code installers / gui-based interfaces.
Recently I've been able to create a windows-based installer for my recent [CS:GO Mod] Packs.

If there's any chance that I can collaborate with a programmer to create a GUI interface that'll allow for skin installation, selection, switching, and uninstallation, it'd be appreciated as means to replace my current installer.

The future of my mod packs will continue to utilize .vpk's only, so no other file extensions will be necessary for utilization within the program

I'm a graphic designer so I can design any sort of background for the program, as well as grabbing all the weapon sprites necessary for the program. The program should utilize a search algorithm to automatically find the "custom" folder found within the installation path of Counter-Strike: Source (probably utilizing registry stuff to find it). It'll also contain every file within my mods, so the program may be a bit beefy, but will allow for total uninstallation. It should not extract literally every file within the program, as the skins are to be selectable, as well as the knives (with their skins). This'll also reduce piracy of my content as those looking to steal will have to know how to unpack vpks, transfer vtfs, and decompile / compiling knowledge. Anti-piracy measures will be put in place on certain files so I'll know if some idiot steals any of my content.(I'll handle that as I already have the python code for doing so in place).

We will have a few months to create it, so we'll have plenty of time to discuss.

If you can help me with this (requesting experienced programmer who knows how to squash some bugs as well), please PM me.

If you're a new programmer, please provide what you're experienced with.
If you're an experienced programmer, provide recent projects you've made and/or programs. (Recommended that you show off programs with a gui-based interface handling file systems, extraction, and modification.)

Thanks for your time!


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May 19th, 2019
@ 6:27 pm GMT+0000
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