Pearl (from Splatoon 2) over Mario

A Request for Mario Kart 8

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I know,I know,I know none of you don't like this Character but first of all let me say this:

We have this shit in MK8 and yes I know nobody likes him either but most people do so he was imported anyway.

Also Fun Fact: Jeffy Debuted first before Pearl did,and people started liking him and caring about him and besides,people like Jeffy more than Pearl.But ey some people care about Pearl so why not have her in this Game.

Now here are some reasons why she should be over Mario but before I do I wanna say this:

Now,I may know that some of you are wondering why Callie was never made besides having Marie in this Game,well I'll tell you why Callie wasn't imported to MK8,her Hair wouldn't be animated,that's why.(Same thing with Marina)

But hey Pearl has short Hair so why not have her in MK8?Besides it dosn't matter if her Hair isn't animated.

Allright here are the reasons why she should be over Mario:
  1. Mario's Skeleton might be a closer match to Pearl's
  2. Mario might be the only one to match Pearl's size
  3. Mario is the only Character in the game to match Pearl's body
  4. Pearl might be exactly the same size as Mario
  5. Some of Mario's animations are suitible to fit on Pearl
That's why I want her over Mario.

But not just Mario,I want her to be swapped over Wendy after being imported over Mario cause Wendy is a Character that no one likes so why not replace her with someone who is less hated and one that we all love and care about.

Now for those of you who are looking for a high quality Pearl Model well then here you go:

Also here's this for those of you who don't have sfm,just copy the link of the model I gave you then paste it to the Steam Workshop downloader then download it then you're good:

Also here's a tutorial on how to import source engine models such as gmod,sfm,tf2 and other source engine models to 3ds max for those of you who don't know how:

Have fun!

Bounty Contributors

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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Import her over Mario
  2. Make her have expresions
  3. Swap her over Wendy
  4. Make a Voice mod
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    Givo Joined 23d ago
    I'm working on it now,  the model you supplied had too many vertices, so I was able to find another one.

    Pearl is too tall for mario, so I'm gonna have to swap her with another character.  Same thing with wendy.

    If you want I could upload a "ghost Pearl" mod where the cart is empty but has Pearl voicelines. (That happens with too many verts.  also it could be like spaghetti with too many verts)

    URL to post:
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    It's Pearl Kart now.
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Jun 1st, 2019
@ 10:42 am GMT+0000


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