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A Request for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Hey everyone,
I would like to request a graphics pack for the Cemu emulator that doesn't replace any game files if possible and allows you to have the healing effect of the hot springs at all times.
Since the point of this is to integrate natural health generation into the game, any other solution that accomplishes the same goal would be great.
Having control over the healing speed would be even better for finer adjustments.

Thanks for reading this and for any help you might provide.


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Working health regeneration over time
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    LordIgnis Joined 1y ago
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    I have made this mod for both Cemu and Switch use personally, the only reason it was never released is because it involves TitleBG Edits and a lot of the major mods on both platforms are conflicting and incompatible
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  • This mod would be awesome.
    I'd like to see it realized.

    Regen rate would have to be like a quarter heart per minute or 1 heart per minute otherwise it would be too OP (like chowing 7 roasted deers or/and 34 apples within 0.1 seconds isn't OP).
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Apr 7th, 2019
@ 7:46 pm GMT+0000


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