The Koopalings

A Request for Sonic World

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For a while now, I've had this crazy idea where I'd like to play as The Koopalings in a Sonic game for some reason. It would be kind of strange, but it would also be kind of interesting, to be honest.

Unfortunately, I simply do not have the know-how for creating mods for Sonic World, hence why I created this request.

I'll keep trying to add points to the bounty as much as possible, so it will seem more reasonable for this project.

Also, if someone has any better ideas or if something is not possible to accomplish from the Requirements listed below, just tell me! :)


Voice Clips:

Bounty Contributors

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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Compatible with Release 9 (without the ability to ride vehicles if need be)
  2. Models and Voice Clips used from Mario Kart 8
  3. Each Koopaling mirrors the abilities of the assigned Default Characters shown in the screenshots
  4. Specific Requirement: Iggy must perform a walk animation when climbing walls
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    If "Compatible with Release 9" you mean the game not crashing when using new vehicles that's impossible. Sonic World has built in code for animations for each of the Vanilla characters that mod characters dont have. It's impossible to animate animations for the new vehicles for mod characters since they dont have the code for it that the original roster has.
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The Bounty

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Mar 14th, 2019
@ 2:15 am GMT+0000


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