SegaSonic Bros over Mean Bean Machine

A Request for Sonic Mania

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If it has not already been done, I would like to request someone replacing the beans from the Poyo Poyo boss/minigame with the little Sonic sprites from SegaSonic bros (Obviously recoloured to match the respecivce bean)

Bounty Recipients

The Bananites below were awarded the Request bounty.

RecipientAmountMessageSenderDate MichMaster 20 points Thanks again! Sorry this is a bit late, I Just got back from a vacation! Seths random shack 25d

Bounty Contributors

MemberContributionDate Seths random shack 20 points 1mo


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Sprites either resembling or ripped from SegaSonic Bros.
  2. Change Mean Bean Machine music to SSB main theme


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The Bounty

Available Bounty
0 points
Total Bounty
20 points
Bounty Already Awarded
20 points
Bounty Awards
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Top Contributor
Seths random shack with 20 points


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Mar 2nd, 2019
@ 10:15 pm GMT+0000


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