Shadow's Gear over Sonic

A Request for Sonic Adventure 2

Hello Everyone, I was wondering if it would be possible to put Shadow's gear over to Sonic.
Now i am awear that editing the models in sa2 is a bit of a pain, but i've seen it done before so i'd figure if it's possible for something like this.
If anyone is willing to take on this request, I would be thankful for it.
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  1. Port Shadow's Gear over to Sonic
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    There's a difference between swapping out an entire model or characters' heads and swapping out specific parts like the hands and feet. Specifically, Shadow's hands and feet are attached to Shadow's arms and legs, and adjusting them to connect to Sonic's arms and legs would require a lot of very specific manual editing of the model data. Not to say that it's impossible, just very complicated. You're better off waiting until we have full model importing capabilities, then it'll be as easy as editing the model in a modeling program and importing it.
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Feb 8th, 2019
@ 9:16 pm GMT+0000


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