Kamek over Lemmy

A Request for Mario Kart 8

Kamek wants to drive and I can't do it (alone?)!

I have been trying  and failing, for the last month, to get a functional Kamek/Magikoopa into MK8, and I'm calling it quits. Starting from zero knowledge of how 3DSMax works was an interesting experience but all I've done is aggravate myself because I can't do it; weighing the rig and getting everything attached to bones is just above my understanding and no tutorial is making it any clearer. The furthest I got was an import of the Ultra-Smash model over Lemmy's skeleton with the default envelopes; any amount of changes I thought were proper in weighing resulted in a glitchy mess that only went backwards.

So, the request. Just do what I can't, import Kamek over Lemmy while making it look good, and MAYBE I can learn what I was doing wrong. I have a few other ideas I wanted to try but this has been an entirely deflating process. 

To aid in this, I'm supplying the model I extracted from Mario Tennis: Ultra-Smash, which currently isn't on Models-Resource and is the highest poly model of Kamek that I could find/think of that was already t-posed.  

Bounty Contributors

KLGB76 20 points 3mo
Super64 80 points 3mo
Sven Cakemann 400 points 3mo
Sven Cakemann 20 points 3mo


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Kamek over Lemmy Koopa with a moving mouth/hands/feet; voice and UI optional


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    I was actually making a Kamek mod, though it was over Ludwig due to similar proportions.  However, he is fully rigged to have his limbs movable.  It uses the Mario Party 9 model, though I can switch to the Ultra Smash model if needed.
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    Super64 Joined 1y ago
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    Hey at least you tried

    Me myself, would love to see Kamek! ;)
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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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Jun 16th, 2018
@ 2:44 pm GMT+0000


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