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Technical questions

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Does anyone know in which files are the Neo Featherman suit dialogues?...
Neo Featherman Costumes dialogues Other/Misc Solved P4G - Persona 4 Golden (PC) AYukikoSimp avatar
AYukikoSimp Joined 2mo ago
1d 161 1
I want to post some alternative music for the fighter like new winnig or versus music but i press up...
Sounds post Music Answered SSBC - Super Smash Bros. Crusade Skull232 avatar
Skull232 Joined 4mo ago
151 points Ranked 63,291st
1d 75 1
Super Sonic sprites in the style of Sonic Chaos?.
Super Sonic Chaos Sprites? Game Files Closed Answered S3AIR - Sonic 3 A.I.R thekingdudidly avatar
thekingdudidly Joined 23d ago
56 points Ranked 68,157th
1d 136 3
Why is it impossible to change the name of stages for custom levels...
Why is it Impossible to change the name Other/Misc Answered SCD - Sonic CD (2011) Arms The Fox avatar
Arms The Fox Joined 2y ago
381 points Ranked 49,732nd
2d 1 98 2
Been on the hunt for tools to extract the MH2 models, sounds and textures. No luck from Google but I...
How to extract Manhunt 2 models/sounds/t
Other/Misc Unanswered
GB - GameBanana Reapper avatar
Reapper Joined 6mo ago
Gone Postal Flag Affiliation: Gone Postal
2,383 points Ranked 20,542nd
11 medals 1 rare
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2d 70
senic snoc sanic sownoc & toils tail takls bails cails.
does this mod exist? Other/Misc Unanswered SFCS - Sonic Forces Sonic Warrior avatar
Sonic Warrior Joined 3mo ago
35 points Ranked 71,334th
2d 138
it's kinda self-explanatory. Example in images...
Different sprites for different colors? Other/Misc Solved Among Us - Among Us
Among Us
Agrera avatar
Agrera Joined 2y ago
43 points Ranked 46,803rd
6 medals 1 rare
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2d 362 3
Sonic, help me!. The Double Jump mod crashes the game in the loading screen everytime I enter the game as/switch to M...
Double Jump Mod and codes crash the game. Problem Solved Gens - Sonic Generations SmallRock avatar
SmallRock Joined 1mo ago
2d 121 2
What is the ID Audioclip during the show that you are a crewmate or an imposter?ID in assets bundle ...
Need help! Modding Help Unanswered Among Us - Among Us
Among Us
Tehno the hedgehog avatar
Tehno the hedgehog Joined 10mo ago
2d 157
So, each time i get into sonic 3 air the up botton drifts and no matter what i cant stop it, does an...
Button up drift Other/Misc Answered S3AIR - Sonic 3 A.I.R Jeremiah804 avatar
Jeremiah804 Joined 2y ago
243 points Ranked 55,522nd
2d 163 5
Just wondering how to use custom arms alongside custom weapons...
Custom arms + custom weapons? How Do I... Unanswered HL2 - Half-Life 2 PoketHeadcrab avatar
PoketHeadcrab Joined 2d ago
2d 97
Remember when i trashed my request saying i found out? Well i was wrong.
Nintendo WFC (or wi-fi) menu music location? Other/Misc Answered MKWii - Mario Kart Wii davisudo avatar
davisudo username pic Joined 1y ago
Not Online here
Just a Modding Team Flag Affiliation: Just a Modding Team
516 points Ranked 46,553rd
19 medals 1 legendary 3 rare
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2d 104 5
I put the sound/bank folder to my sd card but the voice dont even change.Why ?...
Voice with ARCropolis Modding Answered SSBU - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate xdrako23x avatar
xdrako23x Joined 4y ago
2d 305 12
Hi, i'm just wondering hot to add objects to models, like mario with d3's hammer or something like t...
adding objects to models Other/Misc Answered SSB4U - Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) LowTierGanon avatar
LowTierGanon Joined 20d ago
2d 59 3
hola de nuevo eche vistaso el trailer de la CMC+ V5 y habian agregado personajes especiales y raros ...
characters CMC+ V5 rares Fighter Answered SSBC - Super Smash Bros. Crusade sergio2004 avatar
sergio2004 Joined 2mo ago
3d 200 7
How do I add Mrs. pomp to my Decompile, I've looked up some tutorials to only find they've been tras...
How do i Add Pomp into my Decompile? Character Question Answered Baldi - Baldi's Basics BloodyGames Studio avatar
BloodyGames Studio Joined 5mo ago
Bloody Games Flag Affiliation: Bloody Games
423 points Ranked 48,561st
3d 163 6
Where is Minecraft Basics 1 & 2?. If you look into Johnster Space Program's mod history, you will see Minecraft Basics 4 and 3, but no...
Where is JPS's Minecraft Basics 1 & 2? Decompile Help Answered Baldi - Baldi's Basics Eggdipie avatar
Eggdipie Joined 9d ago
3d 141 3
Help. So I have the peachette mod and the ui but when i import it into the game using switch toolbox it do...
I cant import ui Other/Misc Answered MK8 - Mario Kart 8 mrchihiro avatar
mrchihiro Joined 10d ago
95 points Ranked 73,406th
3d 106 1
Okay, so I fixed the white problem, (not)  and now, normally sonic has mania palette and after ...
Palette Problems Palettes Answered SM - Sonic Mania Dan! avatar
Dan! Joined 2mo ago
626 points Ranked 44,833rd
3d 61 4
Hello, i'm french and i'm beginner.I try to add original song of Minecraft on the actuals but i use ...
I try to add custom Minecraft music Modding Answered SSBU - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate LuckyKun avatar
LuckyKun Joined 3d ago
3d 140 5


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