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.cfg issues!?

A Question for Garry's Mod

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I screwed up now.

So one day in TF2 (See edit below) I tried messing with my settings and screwed up. I didn't get to save my old bindings, and to make matters worse, I somehow messed up how my .cfg files would work for any other game (see: Gmod). I recall trying to copy Team Fortress Forever's .cfg file and it made it work for the time being, but it doesn't work as intended still.

The situation as I know is as follows (And I've already typed this up twice only to end up WIPING it all):
  • Nothing saves unless I use the console to temporarily override a binding. Any other setting doesn't save at all since clicking OK or APPLY will go back to crap.
  • Gmod is worse somehow-- It currently wipes to a blank state, where I can't open the spawn or context menus, among other things.
  • This has been going on for over 3 years, or longer.
  • I've tried looking into each game's .cfg files (userconfig, the default ones, etc.) and editing them there, but no luck.
  • I couldn't find anywhere else online with this bad of an issue as mine, with the difference here that it isn't just TF2 that's screwed up.

HOW do I even begin fixing this?! Please help me!

Edit 1: I think I got a solution from a fellow Discord user for my tf2 binds. The Gmod problem is still an unknown situation however, so at this point I only need Gmod help.
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    well dude u could go to properties on steam and verify game files. Steam will reinstall files they find unworthy.
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    • Nothing saves unless I use the console to temporarily override a binding.

    Check to see if they're set to read-only?
    But yea honestly just verify/reinstall, it should take mere minutes for these games. Idk how steam deals w workshop content for uninstalled titles though, maybe copy the files over beforehand so you can keep those around if it's it's a lot

    Frankly the lack of certain buttons in gmod seems pretty darn obvious if you replaced its cfg with tf2's, since tf2 doesn't have those buttons
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    Hey,a radical solution but hey:
    Your config overrides GMod's keys - that's obvious.
    Delete your config and do a factory reset of gmod - there is .bat file in its directory - it should help get the binds back.
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