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A Question for Sonic Generations

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For those who saying that this is not a social media: THIS IS A TECHNICAL QUESTION!!!

I know that PC version of Sonic Generations is badly ported from the consoles, but is this really a bug or a real thing?? Cause, like, i was playing Sonic Generations and i was trying to get better in this game, restarting levels after some fails to practice. And then this happened. I can't restart any level over again, because the options for restarting the level isn't available for some reason. So my question is: is this is a bug or a true thing in this game? Cause, i never faced this thing when i was playing this game before. And if it's a glitch then can it be fixed by some kind of mod or something? Cause, like, really, game prevents me from trying to become better by playing it, for some reason.
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    You can't restart if you have 0 lives
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    Vienna Schnitzel
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    Honestly I've never been able to get the game to launch. Fairly positive it's a bad port.
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    I'm pretty sure this happens when your out of lives because when you restart it takes one away. Just enable infinite lives in hedgemodloader's cheat codes.

    Edit: for some reason gamebanana showed no comments here but when I posted this they popped up.
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