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Why are codes getting deleted? - A Question for Sonic Origins.

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Title. The Hedge Mod manager codes for Enable Lives in Story mode, and Disable drop drash have been deleted. What happened? How can I get them back? Specifically lives in story mode... 

I didn't run into any bugs or anything thus far? 

A word of warning for those using these codes... don't update the codes or they'll get removed... 
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    The codes have been deleted because they were indeed buggy, I posted about this on my twitter, when I removed them but there HMM's system doesn't allow me to give out warnings regarding this.
    Story Mode code deletion tweet.
    Drop Dash codes removal tweet.

    The Drop Dash codes forced the games into "classic mode" and thus clashed with the new live codes and it produced glitches in the old one (coin monitors instead of lives were a cause of the drop dash and old lives code used at once). The Sonic 1 code prevented you from selecting a character at all.

    The story mode lives code has been deleted because it would cause several issues. If you game overed in Sonic CD and backed out to the main menu the story mode would boot you into Sonic 2, which is absolutely unintended behaviour. Another buggy behaviour is that because Sonic 3 & Knuckles in lives mode uses a different save portion in the game, if you booted a story mode that was created in coin mode that already had S3&K progress it would throw you back into the Angel Island Zone portion of the game, practically creating a new save file for S3&K in story mode. This once again unintended behaviour.

    The codes thus have been removed because they do not reflect the quality that I would like to put out.

    Now as to how you can get them back.
    You can create a new file in your Sonic Origins mod folder called "ExtraCodes.hmm", this file is not updated by HMM when the codes are updated. After that you can look through the commit history for the on Github ([Story Mode] and [Drop Dash]) and copy the respective codes into the newly created "ExtraCodes.hmm" file. A code/patch starts with a new line beginning with "Code" or "Patch" and lasts until the next line that starts like that. If you do this however keep in mind that the drop dash codes will not function properly with the lives codes.

    Hopefully this clears up any questions regarding their removal.
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