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no mesh uasset after cooking did i miss something? - A Question for Shin Megami Tensei V.

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I'm try to figure out how to import models but when i cook the model in unreal the only assets that appears are for materials. I'm following Saitsu video guide and have tried following it multiple times to no success. im not doing any edits to the model, i'm just trying to see if i can get it to a uasset again. here are the steps i've been taking

Open Pak file using Umodel (build 1579)(Saitsu's build 1576)
set to Unreal 4.23 Platform: switch
Using cleopatra for testing
export SK_dev295.uasset as psk and gltf

Blender 2.93.1
import gltf
export fbx and unchecked: add leaf bones

Noesis linked by Saitsu
Open: SK_dev295.psk
export as fbx
advance options:
-fbxnewexport -rotate 90 0 0

Blender 2.79
import SK_dev295out.fbx
delete mesh
import untitled.fbx
select mesh then Armature. parent: object (keep transform)
delete old skeleton
select mesh. object modifier - set object: Armature
export fbx as SK_dev295.fbx  unchecked: add Leaf Bones

Unreal 4.23
set project folders Content\Design\Character\Devil\dev295_cleopatra\Mesh   Materials   Texture
import SK_dev295 using same setting as Saitsu video
message log:
1. No smoothing group information was found in this FBX scene.  Please make sure to enable the 'Export Smoothing Groups' option in the FBX Exporter plug-in before exporting the file.  Even for tools that don't support smoothing groups, the FBX Exporter will generate appropriate smoothing data at export-time so that correct vertex normals can be inferred while importing.

SkeletalMesh compute tangents [built in]: Build result data contain 0 or NAN tangent value. Bad tangent value will impact shading.

delete materials
set material paths
cook content for windows

Is there a step i'm missing or what could i be doing wrong? My other questions are is there a way to edit the mesh in maya? what would the settings have to be for import and exporting? would it be better to delete faces or size down to 0? can adding vertex or edges affect the rig?  

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