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Recruiting SM modders for a Mania Plus mod

A Project for Sonic Mania

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You like Sonic Mania? You enjoy making Sprite mods for Sonic Mania? You also able to do a lil coding? You like memes? You like Sonic Mania Repainted? You have way too much freetime on your hands? You like memes mods with some weird abundance for Unknown From M.E and Knuckles the Echidna? Well your in luck because YoshiGa Mania is now recruiting Spriters for work!

YoshiGa Mania proper title pending since I feel fuckin gross for naming a mod after my username is a mod for Sonic Mania which takes inspiration to that of Sonic Mania Repainted (it's basically there for users who love memes but have grown tired of repainted and wish for a new experience, we don't intend for any copyright infringement with Biggie C's Hub) where you get to play as Bendy, Diddy Kong, Knuckles, King Dedede, and Peacock to stop the evil Dread Ducky from stealing the Star Rod and conquering Hyrule! In this bizarre adventure haha get it it's a jojo reference please laugh you'll meet many faces such as Mr Krabs, Wario, Garfield, and many more!


Currently I'm looking for people good at the following things:
Spriters preferably for Mania mods specifically but people new to it are also accepted
Mashup artist and possibly regular Musicians too but they're only needed if we find a way to add new Egg Reverie bosses
Someone who can think of a better title for the mod no really YoshiGa Mania feels disgusting
Also maybe Coders if it's possible to add new Egg Reverie bosses for each character (Knuckles will use the normal Egg Reverie boss for those curious, everyone else faces new bosses)

For spriters interested in helping out, here's everyone we're planning to replace the main cast with so far

Bendy over Sonic also keep in mind this is for a meme mod so don't worry I don't write fanfics
Diddy Kong over Tails
Knuckles over himself I don't have the heart to replace him I'm sorry
King Dedede over Mighty
Peacock over Ray
Dread Ducky (from Dark Deception) over Robotnik/Eggman
Mecha Knuckles (either the one from Sonic Advance or the one from Sonic R, whichever you prefer) over Metal Sonic

I'm also up for suggestions for replacements for the Hard Boiled Heavies so if you have any feel free to suggest them (They don't have to parallel with the original heavy, they can be literally anything)

So, if you're interested in helping out with this project you can add me as a friend on discord and we'll get in touch about (my tag is @YoshiGa#2317) and you can also help by spreading this post around since despite this being a meme mod I'm trying to do this somewhat seriously as this is actually my first time producing a mod


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check_box_outline_blank Finish the mod check_box_outline_blank Release the first demo check_box_outline_blank Finish Dread Ducky High Priority check_box_outline_blank Finish Peacock High Priority check_box_outline_blank Finish Dedede High Priority
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