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Hope Resonance

A Project for Half-Life 2

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Hope Resonancing 11d
  • Addition Finished the prologue story
  • Tweak Updated the logo
  • BugFix Started debugging the problems,which causes are not yet to be disclosed
  • Feature Tested the changes of damage dealt from zombies.

A MMod based modification,providing more shooting,more story and bringing more of darker tones in the HL2 Universe. The mod will reveal how did the Ravenholm get bombed with headcrabs and more.

This is a long shot project - a modification for HL2 with custom maps,updated weapon models and textures and MMod basis.


You're the last rebel alive in the city,except for that mad priest - Grigori.
Supplies are out,you don't have any weapons,except for a crowbar. One day another rebel in a protective suit storms through Ravenholm and some zombies are chasing him. This is your chance to get to the armory and leave this forsaken place,but will it go by the plan? Are your nerves enough to live through the horrors?


You're not as strong - You're a tired,in near death state for several days person and your body armor is destroyed nearly completely - You will take a lot of damage from everything.

Powerful Zombies - You're basing in a semi-separated part of the town - Zombies are extremely hunger driven and will chase nearly anywhere,no matter the cost.

New Enemies - There are some semi infected rebels out there and they will attack you - it's kill or be killed.

Short supplies
- There is nearly no ammo or weapons in the city not surrounded by swarms of zombies,so your arsenal is very limited.

Bad Weaponry - All arsenal you can find is damaged and you are not a skilled shooter in any means,so operating weapons will be hard.

Rusty,but trusty
- Your limited arsenal,though hard to operate is in fact bringing more damage to the enemies.

Several Endings - Exceedingly poor judgement will lead to unforeseen consequences.

Lore Expansions - The modification will show how and why did the city got to today's state,will include several reveals,darker story tones of the HL2 world and the true reason behind [redacted]


None found


check_box_outline_blank Finish the story line sketches High Priority data_usage 15% check_box_outline_blank Finish the layout of the maps sketches


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    I must suggest allowing zombies to grab the player and hold them in place until the zombie is stunned/killed, that way it's actually hard to melee kill them
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    >tfw dead gf
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