Piter's Basics in Memes and Quik Mefs

A Project for Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

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Pre-release 1 (v 0.1) 14d
  • Addition A few more objects were added

As well, a few more objects were modified and edited, as well the game overs screens

Pre-release 1 (v0.1) 14d Addition

What would make an chance of your name being in the

diz iz a mod were yio guo 2 piter'z meme schull an' collectt mimebooz
This mod is only on the texture section! No coding, No new sounds, just textures and sprites, you can DO help me! Making the voices of 1st Prize won't be necessary, but the other characters would be a step forward to the mod be complete! Or else, the completion will be un-successful and will be an castaway.
Baldi = Piter The Memer
Principal = GRAND DAD
1st Prize = Despacito Spider (on works!!)
Bully = Hacker
Arts and Crafters = Not decided.
Playtime = Malleo
Gotta Sweep: BLJ Mario
Other thing: Helping me will make your name SLAPPED into the credits in Pre-release 2! You will be proud of your name being in the credits don'tcha?
  • Piter The Memer avatar
    Piter The Memer Joined 15d ago
    Item coding:
    Zesty Bar- Super Mushroom
    BSODA- Keep the name!
    Scissors- Glass of Water
    Anti Hearing- Loud Nigra
    Quarter- Coin
    No Squee- Door Muter
    Principal Keys- Gulag Exit
    URL to post:
  • Piter The Memer avatar
    Piter The Memer Joined 15d ago
    credits is:
    -Helping the character voicing, (1st Prize is not needed, for now...)
    -Help code the items's names.
    -Make NOT midi styled music to use.
    -Make new sprites for Pre-release 2
    All of this will make you get in the credits, BUT remember to do what you can do to help, or else nothing else would change in the credits.
    URL to post:


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