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Planning Update #2 - Stage Names (Followup Update) 5d
  • Feature I have decided to take it upon myself to come up with the remaining names.
  • Feature Bullet Station will now be renamed to 'Blizzard Base'
  • Feature Frog Forest will now be renamed to 'Sunset Greenwood'
  • Feature Lost Jungle will now be renamed to 'Shining Swamp'
  • Feature Mystic Mansion will now be renamed to 'Psycho Palazzo'
  • Feature Egg Fleet will now be renamed to 'Sky Shelter'

Planning for music scores or remixes will now be planned. Thank you for your patience, as I shall start development soon!

Planning Update #1 - Stage Names 6d Suggestion5 Feature2
Sonic Heroes 'Powercore' is a mod that is going to emulate what Mania Plus did for its Encore Mode, change the time of day and edit level layouts. With this I will also be designing a new HUD, doing some remixes to music or using existing remixes on the internet (credit will be given).

Stages include:
Starlight Shores - (Replaces 'Seaside Hill', takes place at sunset)
Celestial Citadel - (Replaces 'Ocean Palace', takes place at night)
Midnight Metro - (Replaces 'Grand Metropolis', takes place at night)
Twilight Towers - (Replaces 'Power Plant', takes place in early morning)
Rising Roulette - (Replaces 'Casino Park', takes place at morning)
Sunlight Slotroad - (Replaces 'BINGO Highway', takes place at day)
Rime Ravine - (Replaces Rail Canyon, takes place in snowy weather)
Blizzard Base - (Replaces 'Bullet Station', takes place in icy/snowy weather)
Sunset Greenwood - (Replaces 'Frog Forest', takes place at sunrise)
Shining Swamp - (Replaces 'Lost Jungle', takes place at sunrise)
Dawn Chateau - (Replaces 'Hang Castle', takes place during day)
Psycho Palazzo - (Replaces 'Mystic Mansion', mansion colors will be changed)
Sky Shelter - (Replaces 'Egg Fleet', takes place at sunset)
Sundown Showdown - (Replaces 'Final Fortress', takes place at sunset)


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