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REVOLUTION (An all-original balance mod)

A Project for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Finally, progress! (MINOR) 9mo
  • Addition Music - Green Hill Zone
  • Addition UI - Logo and Smash Ball
  • Addition Discord Server
Check Log Spot #02 for details.

TLDR: We're making something everyone can enjoy that's not melee or broken, and we're just getting started. your suggestions will be heard and this will definitely be updated. Thank you!

1. Welcome to the Revolution.

1.1. What is this mod?

Super Smash Bros. REVOLUTION is a modification to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that changes up the cast to have all new balance changes and playstyles - and eventually in time, new moves or mechanics to spice up the originality. Some techniques will be restored, some more exclusive to this mod. 

1.2. Kay, why should I care?

Tired of seeing packs that blatantly make it play the same or as - or close to - Project M or Melee? Want something fun besides skin modpacks or unbalance modpacks? Want a mod that caters to both competitive and casual players? Want to have your suggestions be seen and potentially come to life? This may be the mod for you. 

We wish to bring in the most unique experience you can ever get in Smash Bros. modding history, but this will take time and little steps to get there. With feedback and passion, it will grow and grow till it's finally finished. We don't expect to reach the end, but hey. Maybe we can get lucky.

1.3. So what's on the mind of the mod currently?

At the moment, the mod is in it's planning stages. Concepts are just starting to come to fruition and balance changes, costumes and stages are in the planning stages as well. I do promise, however:

- Changes to the entire cast - even DLC newcomers joining the battle will get their fair share of new qualities.
- A universal costume change slot of 12 costumes!
- All new music tracks (like anyone cares)
- Buffs to certain things we feel were "over-nerfed"

At the moment, we DO NOT plan to do anything too ambitious. However, we are willing to break boundaries if needed be. We have a trailer to put up soon so look out for that, and we apologise for a lack of images of the project at the moment. We will get more in time.

2. FAQ:

2.1. Are you sure this isn't too ambitious? Particularly how early it is...

Of course not. At the moment I just needs some bits and pieces to get my Switch modded, but within this range I'll be able to by the time movesets and other code can be adjusted.

2.2. So, this is just Smash 4 but even more balanced?

Bwahaha - nah. We're using little resources from previous titles or other mods as possible. Despite it's where I first started Smash modding, I don't want a repeat of Poise.

2.3. Where can I find you batch of weirdos?

Right here on our Discord server: The REV0LUTI0N - I know, creative name - here you can find me and the other peeps talking, some concept artwork (soon), music, exclusive stuff and even casual stuff like bots or memes in here. There are rules, though, which I recommend checking out first

Thank you for reading if you managed to go on despite the TLDR.


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