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Half-Life: Symbionica - A Project for Half-Life 2


Alpha 3.0 6mo
  • Overhaul Mod switched from Vanilla Eposodic to Mapbase
  • Overhaul Aroma versions (with engine and assets included) no longer distributed
  • Optimization Deprecated files and assets removed
  • Optimization Some HL2/Episodic files packed into VPKs
  • Tweak GameInfo rewritten with dynamic mount paths
  • BugFix Various UI fixes
  • Addition Russian and Ukrainian locale support
  • Improvement New intro vids
  • Improvement New menu graphics
  • Feature S.L.A.Ms and Stunstick can be picked up
  • Adjustment S.L.A.Ms and Stunstick are now located in weapon selector's 6th category (where Bugbait appeared)
New screenshots to upload after official release
Alpha 2.2 11mo Optimization Overhaul Addition Improvement General rewrite 1y Overhaul3 Alpha 2.1 1y Overhaul BugFix Addition Optimization Tweak Alpha Snapshot 050120-1001 1y Suggestion4
Symbionica is a Half-Life 2 mod focused on creating an alternative storyline and lore point-of-view between the events of Half-Life 2 and it's original prequel. Mod involves making an entirely new stroy and characters, new locations and presenting some lore theories. And in addition: tuning up graphics and adding new mechanics for a fresher look.

The story

Miroslava (Mira) was a relatively normal 18-19 y.o. student living a relatively ideal life in one of the many walled-off, militarized, cities across the Earth. In a US and Russia occupied post-soviet city, annexed easily due to the Resonance Cascade.

After a lethal incident on her birthday party, Mira is wanted by the powers that be, alive... Judging by the recent events, and recurring dreams/nightmares, she discovers she's a full-body experimental combat cyborg, and can only assume she's been like this for her entire life. Hunted by multiple, opposing military and paramilitary forces, she must ensure her family and friends' safety, track down whoever knows about her body, and get answers. Before it's too late: the Earth is going to be intruded by the Combine...

Additional notes

We plan to make the mod a total conversion, set between the Resonance Cascade and Seven Hour War, based off the original games' canon, in-depth fanon, and serious roleplay.
Also we want to make the mod at least as long as Half-Life 2, or at most, as long as the Beta (approximately twice as long as the retail game) We aim to make the mod as high quality as possible, pushing the engine to it's limits, with both HL1 & HL2 styled in-game scenes, in-depth world building, and replay-ability.

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