Half-Life: Symbiosis

A Project for Half-Life 2


  • Suggestion New weapons and some weapons explanation
  • Overhaul New HUD

The sixth category will contain three tools:

  1. Binoculars
  2. Flare gun
  3. Ice axe - new suggestion
As I told Wojacket, Elina HAS built-in eye zoom. But her built-in zooming lens are suitable for short distances (for example indoors). But this mod has huge snowy fields, and Elina`s built-in zoom is usless in such areas. So player must use binoculars - it has multiple zoom modes and can allow to see objects on very big distances.

Flare gun
Flare gun is used for squad control or in various script tasks. It`s main function is calling for help/backup or making supplies request.

Ice axe
This mod will have breakable ice surfaces, but some of them can`t be broken with a crowbar. Also, ice axe is much more faster, and have an additional attack that allows you to climb onto ice walls.

A new modern Half-Lifeish HUD

Early Debug 0.0.1 13d
  • Suggestion New weapon in each category
  • Suggestion One handed weapons + Double handed shooting (One weapon in each hand)
  • Suggestion More mobile movment model & Unlimited sprint
  • Suggestion Higher jump & Double jump
  • Suggestion Third-person mode
  • Suggestion A uniqe HUD
  • Suggestion New damage type
  • Suggestion Winter particles, sounds, and textures

Big thanks to user Wojacket for discussing new main features and correcting some logical mistakes.

So, what new weapons are planned:
Sliding blades (Her first weapon, which is built in into her body)
Semi-automatic pistol (Like Alyxgun)
Pulse battle rifle (A small and more rapid version of pulse rifle)
Tau-cannon (Given by a Black Mesa scientist before entering a dangerous zone)
S.L.A.M. (Radio controlled mine)
Flare gun
MirageStar Pulse Rifle (Replaces Combine Pulse Rifle, but works similar. This prevents spoiling Seven Hour War scenes in this mod)
Pheropod might be removed.

What weapons MUST be one-handed, and it can be used to shoot from both hands:

Semi-automatic pistol
Pulse Rifle
More possible, that most weapons will be one-handed

More mobile movment model :

A new movment model will be more mobile and light. Elina AT-04 can sprint faster than Gordon Freeman, and she can sprint as long as she want (No aux power required for sprint). Also her movements must feel very light, she should "fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee" (Gordon looks like as a heavy, armoured solider).

Jump higher. And jump two times.
Also, Elina jumps higher (from half to one her height). Plus, she can do a double jump - first jump from a platform, and do a second jump mid-air.

Two camera modes
The camera should have two modes: first person and third person. FP mode should be default.

A new HUD:
The hud will remind us Half-Life 1, but it won`t copy nor HL1, neither Black Mesa and HL2. It will be centered, and it will have damage type indicators and a compass.

A new damage type:

So, the season of mod`s story is cold, snowy winter. But wait... It won`t be logical, if Elina won`t be able to get freezed over. So, there`s a new damage type: Freeze Damage.

Textures, particles, effects, etc.
And certainly, new, winter textures and effects. 

New gameplay features planned 04.01.2019 14d

Inspired by EEgle-RU's story: Metal Hearts, as well as his old mods, Half-Life: Symbiosis will consist of custom content and other Source content, but remain a Half-Life 2 mod.

Half-Life: Symbiosis is a partially lore-friendly story about a bionic woman living between the time gap of Half-Life 1 and 2.

Elina lives a mostly ideal and everyday life in one of many walled off cities, typically containing an intense military and police presence due to Humanity's near-extinction caused by the now low activity Resonance Cascade.

As Elina is out on a relaxing date with her husband Vlad, celebrating her 24th birthday, two plain clothes police officers, an unusual sight outside of police stations, have them come outside in the cold for "questioning", after one of the officers attempts to put Elina in handcuffs, the situation escalates, suddenly both officers are killed, Vlad taken away, and Elina covered in blood, bullets flying everywhere.

Discovering that she has unknowingly been a prototype military-grade cyborg for who-knows how long, Elina must uncover a deep conspiracy, knowing nothing except her bionics, her only lead being the men who took away her husband.

Feel free to give suggestions, feedback, and constructive criticism.

Studio website (Russian): http://fremind-studios.do.am/
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Look for people, who interested in this mod and ready to work only for the idea
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