Stargate Network

A Project for Unreal Engine 4

What is "Stargate Network"?

Stargate Network is an online video game in the universe of Stargate. It is made by a small team of fans. The project always strived to recreate with great faithfulness the Stargate universe.

First things first : This is an Alpha and everything is still subject to change. The game at the moment revolve around walking & interacting with items. The main aspect of it being the gate travel and things that goes with it. With that said:

The project has been around for a while and some of you might have heard about it in the past. It has gone through many shapes and forms ever since it's foundation, many years ago. It started as a 2D flash game way back then, you could just play around with the computers but the idea was already there.

The game eventually made it into the 3D realm of video-games with its versions using UDK a few years back. The last version made with this engine was 2.3. We have stopped supporting this version about a year ago.

Now comes the future of SGN, the version Alpha 4.0. Fully rebuilt from scratch on Unreal Engine 4, the Alpha 4.0 features an all-around increase in term of quality. The games looks and run better while also being continuously brought up to speed with the latest UE4 improvements.

This build made its debut back in January 2018 with the very first public version of Alpha 4.0. It only featured the control room at the time and allowed players to play around the computers a little bit.
It was a major step-back compared to the UDK game, however it was a necessary thing to bring SGN to new horizons.

Fast-forward to December 1st, 2018: We've released last friday our very first big update to the game. It is currently available on our website, the download is about 3.85Gb. It is available for Windows and Mac.

I will post below multiple websites you can find us on, furthermore our Discord is open to everyone, if you'd like to interact with other Stargate enthusiast and fans of the game. With the recent release, a lot of talk has been on-going to help new players get through the available content.

Oh, and one last thing! We are also recruiting, if you are motivated and you think you could bring something to the team. Feel free to hop on our Discord and we could look into this together.

Thank you for reading this presentation and I hope you'll have fun with our demo!

Stargate Network's website:

Discord invite link:

Download for the game:

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