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Heya y'all

Wasn't entirely sure what category to post this in but I guess this is the one I picked (I pre-type most of my text in notepad so I don't actually know yet!)
Well, anyway, here's an idea I've been working [read: thinking] about for something like two weeks now.
I actually submitted a page for it like a week ago but idk it broke. That was the first time in like 3 years I didn't pretype it too, so I just left it at that for then.
It's just as well honestly because my vision has changed to some reasonably substantial extent.

To get down to it; the idea here is to combine the main concept of strategy board games (primarily Risk, but I'm taking inspiration from several) with the highly polished and well-proven combat of counter strike.
As in, 2 (currently I'm planning for 2 since this causes the least amount of additional and frankly unneeded work, but theoretically it could well be expanded to fit at least up to 4) teams compete on a somewhat simplified (because look, we don't want a match to take 5 days right) Risk board (the classic world map). Every time combat ensues; instead of rolling dice, each team sends the apropriate number of players into an arena to fight it out.
Now, one important feature in Risk is that the defender has a die advantage; specifically, the defender wins when both players roll the same number. My current thought on this matter is to provide the defending team with slightly better weapons, e.g. AK47 for defenders, M4A4 for attackers. Alternatively, they could be given a 20% health advantage, or hey, I'm open to ideas.
I've currently got 2 variations of what I think the map could look like, I'll try to sketch it out and upload later.

Basic goals;
- generate the basic map structure + 1 arena
- 2 teams + "DM" (to manually control most of the difficult-to-code entities)
- players are all given the same, but side-specific weapon upon entering the arena
- unlimited time, map must be manually reset once either team has won
Extended goals;
- detail pass over map structure, environment-specific arenas
- most or all of the game logic (assigning land owndership, keeping track of turns) automated
- players start with pistol, level up to better weapons with each kill but reset when killed
- map has functioning win-conditions, resets a minute or so after victory
Stretch goals;
- 3-4 team support
- area-specific arenas
- variable board complexity
- idk

While I am capable (or so I'd like to believe) of coding (chaining entities) in hammer, I'm very slow at it and honestly if I go that route this isn't going to be done in less than like 2 years.
Therefore, I'm looking for one or multiple people to work on this together. Must have a reasonably extensive understanding of 'coding' in hammer, must speak English.
As team member you will of course also have a say in any of the design decisions, at least gameplay-wise.
If we reach the stretch-goals phase I may also be interested in people to help design the extra arenas, but until then I think I'll be to handle that aspect myself.

I can be contacted here or on steam (same name) but if steam maybe just post here real quick so I know why you're adding me.


(the formatting my might be a bit off bc GB takes any [enter] as an empty line but I think I fixed it)
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