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A Project for Team Fortress 2


  • Addition Added semi-completed render of concept, as well as a more lore-friendly RED VS BLUE concept. There's plenty of room for lore.

I just ask no one repost these images without my knowledge, these posters don't make themselves you know. 

Added media 9mo
I recently discovered a treasure trove of some content to revive one of my dormant projects.

Rebranding my project with a more fitting title coined by the creator of the Walter scientist set for Medic, I begin my search once again for potential references to Valve's maiden voyage in the gaming industry, Half-Life ---- reenacted with TF2.
Or, simply put, Half-Life TF2 Cosplay.

Mind you, this is not a project of a mod pack per say, I doubt I'd have such license to carry out and distribute such. However, I do plan this project as a nudge for any modders, modelers, and artists willing to contribute; the product being fanart and possibly mods.

I'm sure the project section is suitable for that. ....right? 

Anyway, I've gathered enough to make this picture so far, however its far from finished itself. 

Things that would be useful to have in TF2 style would be
things like an SMG for sniper with nods toward an MP5 (Moreso than the Cleaner's Carbine) with a grenade launcher of sorts. By all means a jarate launcher if you wanna be thematic.

Then things like HECU themed costumes for Pyro, Security Guard stuff for Soldier, Hassassin stuff for scout.... the list goes on.

Perhaps if we dream really hard, an update might bring some of these officially into the game.
Valve has already taken the step into referencing famous games like Super Mario with the community-made Unlicensed Plumber's Cap, and even pop culture anime references with that Jojo hat; Valve, its time to acknowledge your firstborn son, Half Life.

In regards to the image, once I find adequate materials for the Soldier, I plan to give him the Gator's Gat and have Engineer swinging the crowbar.

All content is property of their creative owners. I just make the posters
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