Random Function

A Map Prefab for Half-Life

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The “prefab” visgroup encompasses all the prefab entity of the random function.

Breakdown: An env_beam using itself as Start Entity points into hurtable buttons having an origin brush. The env_beam is off by default, has 1 as Life, -1 as Strike Again and has the Toggle flag checked. When the buttons are hit, the related multi_manager turns the env_beam off and the custom target is called.
The randomness comes from the built-in target selection algorithm of the env_beam. In fact, all buttons have the same Name. The Random Strike flag is TOTALLY unrelated.

Entities Manifest : (See readme file)

Entities Count:        9 (5 + 2 per additional choices)

Number of Choices

The number of possible targets can be changed by adding/removing hurtable buttons with origin brush.

To customize the odds, one can remove the origin brush and use info_target instead. While this adds an entity, adding multiple info_target under a single button changes its odds of being hit.


The button has been given a very high hp (and the laser a very large damage/sec value), this is to prevent the mechanism from being activated through doors with the gauss.

The button "delay before reset" has been set to 3.5 for the button. This is to allow the laser to display correctly. (Lower values makes the laser hit its previous position before the new one). You might want to set the laser invisible (by setting beam color to 0 0 0) before use.



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