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A Map Prefab for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

created model of windows worked on funk door origins
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    Pretty sure I told you at least four years ago on this very site that your scaling was massively off. Nice to know some things never change, I suppose.

    As I told you (or should have if I didn't) before, you should consult the article on dimensions in Source, since you appear to still have no idea how it works.

    For reference, inside the materials/dev/ folder there are plenty of scale guide textures and such to make sure the scaling is fine. Right now the screenshots seem to show that the world is based around the player being giants. The texture scale appears to also be too large in your screenshots. The scale should default to 0.25; you shouldn't change the scale unless you absolutely know what you're doing.

    A good thing to remember is that the player is 4' 6" in Source when standing, or 72 Hammer Units. Anything larger than that, and it will start looking like what your screenshots have here.
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