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House prefab

A Map Prefab for Counter-Strike: Source

A house prefab I made for CSS

So, this is a house prefab I made.. My old steam account got hacked, so I bought it again, and made this pefab first :) It took me 2 days to make. It's totally optimized with the nodraw texture. And the prefab has realistic breakeble windows, and doors. My suggestion is check it out, and hope you like it :) Video:
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    Good, guy! (Y)
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    Posted by Reicky You work as an architect? or foreman ?
    Nope. Just my own imagination. Thanks :)
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    Nodraw is your friend.
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    You work as an architect? or foreman ?
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    I can help you recover your old steam account if you have the right information just contact me & i'll be happy to help
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    I love it along with your other stuff
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    Architecture The architecture on this is actually very good for a house prefab as its not all square like most other prefabs, the shapes and geometry you have used makes it looks very realistic, so well done. Did you base it off a real house? Construction Its very well made, well optimised with no draw on all walls you cant see etc. There are no intersecting or floating brushes, and you get a good fps rate on it. Creativity Well what can I say... its a house, not that creative but there are some quite parts to it such as the curved window and the way you made the cupboards. Detail There's a fair amount of detail down stairs especially in the kitchen and overall shape of the house, but upstairs seems a bit empty and could do with a few props or custom textures to liven it up. However its good you left it empty in a way as it allows people to put whatever they want in the rooms. Realism Its very realistic and looks like it could be any typical house, however there a re a few things I don't think quite fit well and look a bit out of place but that's probably due to the limitations of the engine and what props you have available. Overall this is an excellent submission, by far one of the best house prefabs on here and your quality of work really shows though in this, well done keep up the good work.


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    Pros: Like the design and kitchen area. Cons: Its a little small. Improvements: Make it bigger and add bigger windows.




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