Any SSB4 or SSBB modders.

A Position Available

Hi! We have multiple positions available at Azure Gaming and Co!
We are accepting anyone, as long as you meet the following requirements:
  • At least 3 mods from SSB4 and/or SSBB

That's it! If you have at least three mods, and you aren't a jerk, we will accept you. We want:
  • Sound modders (NUS3Bank or BRSTM)
  • GUI creators (opening movies, char portraits, etc)
  • Skins! (items, characters, etc.)
  • Effects!
  • Animations if you are good with that
  • Stages (new or ported)
  • Tools (oh hell yes we want tools)

You name what you make, WE want it. The expectations are low, the praise is high! Finally, join a team that loves modding as much as you.

Azure Striker, Studio Leader
Position is no longer available.
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    MarioDox username pic Joined 4y ago
    Searchin' love
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    Mario's Company
    I can do most of these things, but i don't want to join in. Also, is this ssb4 only, cause i'm actually suspecting something...
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Phoenix! Joined 1y ago
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