Would anyone be interested in a Patreon?

A Poll for Team Fortress 2

So I've been thinking about starting a Patreon and was wondering if anyone would actually support me. A Patreon where I actually have supporters would A) Help me be motivated to have a dedicated work time for mods and B) Have actual income for the work I put in.

I have it mostly done, and I'm just figuring out tiers, goals, and visual stuff. If you want to check the preview out, you can go to my youtube channel and find the link for it there (since I'm not allowed to commercially advertise, I'll non-commercially advertise my youtube :^) )

I'll still be launching the page either way, but this is just so I can gauge the reaction I'd get and also let people know about it since I can't make a direct post promoting it (I think? I'll have to confirm that with a GB mod once I get everything set up)

The way I plan to have things set up right now is:
  • Bronze Gear ($1): A simple $1 tier for those who want to support just a little
  • Silver Gear ($3): Get access to preview builds for the current Class Reanimation Pack
  • Gold Gear ($5): Get access to preview builds for all Class Reanimation Packs (only the current one will be updated consistently though)
  • Possible future tiers such as platinum or diamond
I also have a Discord in planning, but I'm kinda stupid so it might be a while before I get it in a decent state

The charge would be for every time I release a new preview build, unless I'm posting Non-TF2/Reanimation content. All the current packs will be updated to work with the current version of TF2, but not revisited until I finish the current pack (Spy as of now). Any currently released packs will remain public.

If this counts as advertising and gets withheld that will be some doodoo. There's literally no other way for me to get word out about this since most of the people who use my mods only visit my GB page.
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February 20th 2019


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