2.1.0 Update & New Features

A News for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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Version 2.1.0 is here! New features include:
  • Blathers's Treasure Trek: A new mini-game has been added. You can receive maps from Gulliver's Cargo Ship (giving him inventory items) and balloon presents. These maps are used to play a mini-game with Blathers in which you roll a die (each roll costs bells or craft materials) to move a certain number of spaces and obtain prizes on particular positions on the map. These prizes range from craft materials, bells, Leaf Tickets or even new animal friends!
  • Alongside Blathers's Treasure Trek are specific goals for this game, including lifetime goals and time limited goals available from January 30th until February 13th.
  • Pete's Parcel Service: Pete the Pelican, also the town mailman, is here to help you out! Tapping him on the map will now show you a list of all the requests from different animals visiting particular locations within the game. From this list, you can have Pete deliver your items to the animals and complete the request without you having to travel to that location and talk to that animal yourself. This can be used starting at level 3.
  • Animals will no longer ask about fishing spots and requests about giving gifts/clothing to another animal have been moved under a different question that you can ask them.
  • Garden Adjustments: From a friend page, you will now be able to water a friend's entire garden's set of flowers, as well as share bugs in bulk without actually having to travel to the friend's garden.
  • Max Friendship Level Changes: Maximum friendship levels have been increased from 25 to 30!
  • Local Produce: 3 new types of fruits are available now! One of lemons, lychees, or grapes will appear on one of your trees in Breezy Hollow and Lost Lure Creek. Trade them with friends!
  • Updated Campsite Camera: There are now more options for positioning the camera while taking a picture, including rotation.
  • Other changes: The camper ladder button has been re-added to the UI. Other bug fixes.


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