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ze_drakelord_castle_b3 - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


B3 4y
  • - Added map image for the loading screen
  • - Lowered the start height position, allowing for higher climbing
  • - Reduced the vinewall HP heavily
  • - Reduced C4 explosion damage (from 300 to 200)
  • - Reduced landmine damage (from 100 to 50)
  • - Delayed the zombie teleporter heavily (from 20 seconds to 100 seconds, allowing for defending)
  • - The zombie teleporter will now pre-warn with a tesla effect ~10 seconds before it moves
  • - Reworked the holding logic, now it's more stable as it's based on distance instead of buildpiece-amount
  • - Added slotmachine (gamble your HP away for possible rewards, maybe punishments)
  • - Added bladetrap
  • - The blockade walls will now ignore outside pieces for better looks
  • - Added some extra controls
  • - Fixed the lava room blocking off the main path (if unlucky RNG)
  • - Fixed code-bug where the side distance cap didn't work, the map should not go out of bounds now
  • - Expanded some applicable hold-pieces
  • - Made the initial hold twice as far away as usual (to ease up the spawn area a bit)
The map should be way more balanced now compared to B2

More content to come!
B2 4y

Enter the shifting castle


Map by Luffaren (STEAM_0:1:22521282)


This map is randomly generated for a new experience every time you play.

At the moment it is in beta stage, with very little content relative to what is in my goal.

It is currently pure zombie defense, but with future versions items and bosses will be added.

The drake lords from a forgotten time have come to end humanity
They reside in their shifting castle where no man has ever entered, who knows what will be at the top
Go forth, enter the castle and unveil its mysteries
The age of drakes is about to rise, will you be the ones to put a stop to it?

Good luck!