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tr_airshot_v0 - A Mod for Team Fortress 2

Shoot the bots in the air!

Tr_airshot_v0 =========================== MAP INFORMATION- Title: tr_airshot_v0 Version: Version 3.0 Filename: Created By: GMan Type: Training =========================== MAP DETAIL - ==CREATED BY GMAN OF TEAMFORTRESS2FORT== This is a training map for soldiers and demoman with a decent amount of hours accumulated playing that class, and what this map allows you to do is train and develop improved mid-air shot rockets against flying bots. The bots AUTOMATICALLY spawn in a conveyor belt style and shoot up into the air for YOU TO SHOOT. You get unlimited ammo, which means unlimited rockets to shoot from. NO RELOADING. They do not shoot, nor strafe in the air, but they are thrown into the air and you practice your mid-air rocket shooting skills against them by precisely timing their location in the air and blowing them up in air. This is great for soldier rockets, and demoman pipe grenades. If you've ever felt that you were weak while trying to shoot a player out of the air, now is your chance to improve on that and become a master in that area by playing tr_airshot_v0! Skill can be acquired over time and practice, and if you put a few hours on this map every week, or even an hour everyday, you'll soon surpass those other players who lack the ability to shoot players in the air. =========================== INSTALLATION: Extract the zip file to ...Steam/steamapps/$$Your Steam ID$$/team fortress 2/tf/maps =========================== DEVELOPMENT: Program: Hammer Known Bugs: None HDR: Yes Compile PC: Core 2 Quad Q6600, 4GB RAM =========================== ©2008 GMan. All Rights Reserved Team Fortress 2 is a registered trademark of Valve Software.
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    Pros: Multiple platforms, angles and regenerative ammo. lots of targets and classes used. Cons: this map is absolutley perfect! the only thing i would recommend is more space around the area where you shoot. Improvements: more area. not needed but would be better for longrange shots Notes: This map made me a much better sniper, this is one of the most useful maps I've ever played. This map has improved my air sniping by like 60% me and my friends had alot of fun training here. mabe make more versions. thank you for this map!!
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    This is a very good map. I use it alot for training, although it is not the best to train airshots
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