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Baldi's Custom Night - A Mod for Baldi's Basics.

Inspired by Paulor94's Baldi Custom Mode: (check it out here), This mod allows you to customize all the characters with 36021770820 possible combinations! I included a text file containing some challenges. I don't know if they are possible. My best score on 8/20 mode is 6 notebooks. Anyway, hope you enjoy my first decompile mod! I did a lot to showcase what the decompile can do!
Here is some info about the characters:
Placeface: Look at him and you will be sent to detention, the higher his difficulty is, the slower he goes!
0th Prize: Wanders around and then camps in a place waiting for someone to trade with him, watch out, as he loves to rip people off!
TestDithered: Only appears on 8/20 mode and summons 0th Prize.

Hope you enjoy this mod! And feel free to suggest challenges and I might add them to the list!

If anyone ever completes 8/20 mode, send me video proof and you can get a prize! (Me making a mod for you, or an interview with me)

0th Prize Trading Chart Thing:
(Items on the left are what you have and items on the right are what you get in turn, this effects every item slot)
Yellow Door Lock -> Principal's Keys
Principal's Keys -> Anti-Hearing and Disorinting Tape
Anti-Hearing and Disorinting Tape -> Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock -> Sunglasses
Sunglasses -> BSODA
BSODA -> Zesty Bar
Zesty Bar -> WD-NoSquee
WD-NoSquee -> Safety Scissors
Safety Scissors -> Quarter
Quarter -> Penny
Penny -> Nothing

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