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Persona 4 Golden XP Share - A Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


1.1 - Stability Improvements 9mo
  • BugFix Fixed a possible memory leak caused by the old signature scanner. This is being fixed with all P4G reloaded mods that use it, so hopefully, it will make this mod (and the others) more stable (Sewer56)
  • Addition Implemented pause/resume so the mod can be unloaded/loaded at runtime from the Reloaded II menu. (Sewer56)
  • Improvement Updated the signature used for scanning for the XP add function. This should make the mod work on any version of P4G
You should be able to update directly from Reloaded II, if you do not get a prompt try deleting the mod and redownloading it from there as this will definitely give the latest version.

Even though the signature scanning changes should make the mod work on any version I have still only tested on the Steam version REV 2033 as I don't have access to any other versions of the game and would recommend you play on the latest steam version (as basically all other P4G mods are also only tested on it).

Big thanks to Sewer56 for creating the PR that fixed most of these issues and gave me some guidance on how to fix others. This is my first C# project and my first time doing anything like this so his help was very helpful.

Give inactive party members XP so they don't get left behind

Warning: If you have 'banked' level-ups from the mod and do an event that adds a move to one of the party members, the member will level up but not learn any of the moves they should have. For now, I'd recommend trying to use all banked level-ups before you leave the TV, however, I know this isn't always easy/possible. This will only be fixed once I work out how to get inactive party members to level up which may not be for a long time (eventually hopefully). 

A Reloaded II mod that adds XP sharing to Persona 4 Golden so inactive party members don't get left behind.


As this is a Reloaded II mod it can be installed directly from Reloaded under the download mods section. Alternitavley you can manually install it by extracting the zip into Reloaded's mods folder. Once installed, go to the p4g section and enable it. This mod does not rely on p4g modloader (or any other mod), unlike the majority of mods so it can be used completely on its own if you so wish. 

Things To Note

Currently, inactive party members will not level up, however, they will continue to gain XP even when they are shown as having 0 XP left to level up. Once they gain any XP when actually in a battle they will gain all of the levels they should have.
This will hopefully be changed in a future update so party members will level up even when they are inactive. 
Along with this I also plan to add dynamic XP scaling similar to what the game already has so members that are under-levelled or over-levelled will gain more appropriate XP.

Configuration Options

There are two configuration options for the mod currently that are changing the amount of shared XP given and turning on a verbose mode (mostly useful for debugging). These can be changed by pressing 'Configure Mod' on the mod under the p4g section. By default you get the same XP as the protagonist gained however you can change this to any multiple you want, for example if you wanted shared XP to be half that you'd change the value to 0.5.


If you are using many other Reloaded mods along with this there is a chance the game will run out of memory and crash on launch. If this happens switching P4G PC Tiny fixes to version 1.2.0 (instead of 1.2.1) should fix this.
This mod has only been tested on the latest version of P4G (REV 2033) and I will only support the latest version unless there is a very good reason for not using it. That being said the mod uses signature scanning, meaning it should (in theory) work with any version of the game, past or present.
If you have any other issues or this does not fix it please report them to me.
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    lemonboye Joined 10mo ago
    Did you ever fix the issue that the red text describes? Or is it still an issue, I'll probably still install it but I would like to know if it was fixed ya know?
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    pppants Joined 12mo ago
    does anyone know the exact file path like what data folder it goes in
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    I'm overjoyed <3
    Someone's actually read the documentation aaaaaaaaa
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    Sonic Heroes' Overlord
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  • RatthewtheRat avatar
    RatthewtheRat Joined 2y ago
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    not gonna lie im surprised this haven't been made in the past but still glad that it finally here
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    Dude, I really appreciate you making this. I've been waiting nearly half a year for a mod like this. You have no idea how glad I am for this.

    Looking forward to future updates!
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    Just Some Nerdâ„¢. Neat mod.
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  • JayTheTaco avatar
    JayTheTaco Joined 2y ago
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    I remember there was another EXP share mod that came out on Nexus a long time ago. 
    That one had a bug where party members that have yet to join the party still get the EXP
    does this one have that bug as well?
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