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V.S. Flexy Full Week [V.S. Merchant Update] - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Version 2.0.1 9mo
  • Addition Golden Notes have been added, which are explained in the notes.
"Golden Notes" are exclusive for the song "Gran Venta". Hitting these notes will grant you 0.3 health, which is a good amount more than when you miss.
Version 2.0 9mo Addition2 1.3 9mo Adjustment2 Amendment BugFix 1.2 9mo Addition BugFix2 1.01 9mo BugFix3 Addition

Overcome your stage fright with help from Flexy, the globetrotting bean!

ATTENTION: The V.S. Flexy mod has received its 2.0 rework update! Be sure to heed the disclaimer to be able to enjoy the mod to its fullest extent!

Boyfriend and Girlfriend are invited to the Fiesta de Fuego, hosted by none other than the globetrotting bean, Flexy! Boyfriend has to get over his stage fright before the Christmas concert at the mall next month, and Flexy is here to help! Can you keep up, or will you be forever in fear of performing?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Flexy? Where does he come from? Where did his design come from?
A: Flexy is an anthropomorphic bean with long legs and a passion for travelling the world (hence Globetrotter). He comes from Flexico. His design comes from RavvyTavvy, who was inspired after seeing a goldfish cracker drawn with masculine, toned legs, so then during her Spanish class, Flexy was born.

Q: Why are Miku and Lemon Demon holding hands in song 3?!?!?!?! IS IT A SHIPP?!!?!?!?!?!
A: They are holding hands because Miku, despite common belief, turns into a mechanical hellspawn in some instances. This guided my idea that the Lemon Demon would be interested in pursuing her as a romantic partner, so after watching one of her performances live, he asks her out and she says yes. This would further explain why they stand next to each other during Week 5, but that's just my own headcanon.

Q: Is there going to be a web-based version?
A: Maybe, given this mod gets enough attention. Servers ain't cheap, you know.

Q: Who is that character in front of Zardy during song 3? 
A: That is my friend, (TheBright_Starr) the voice of Flexy's friend's OC. It isn't Touhou or anything like that. She's Candy, the K-Pop loving pink dinosaur who I figured I'd put in to pay homage to how much he helped me during this whole process.

Main Changes:
  • Adds a new week featuring Flexy. Does not overwrite any main game weeks and other weeks can be played using this engine.
  • Flexy's week adds two original backgrounds and animations, two sets of original sprites, original assets, a fully animated cutscene, and three new songs. Flexy's week also has dialogue in story mode. Modified title screen and splash art as well.
  • Much like Whitty, Tricky, and any other KadeDeveloper-based mods, there is a new, modified input system. 
  • Options menu with many customizable features, such as customizable keybinds, modifiable scoring system, toggleable Kade Engine versions, downscroll compatibility, toggleable accuracy checks, replays, and an all-new feature, Opponent Mode (still a work in progress), allowing you to play against the boyfriend, making songs potentially MUCH harder!


Planned Updates:
  • Charts will be adjusted depending on how you receive them. No, they will not be made easier. They will only be adjusted if need be.
  • Official Spanish + Portuguese Translations + UI Navigation for said feature
  • A very merry Flex-mas is on the horizon!

This is coming from me, Echolocated, as well as everyone else who helped to make this mod a reality. Thank you so much for making this possible. Each and every one of you supporting this mod made this silly dream into a reality. Again, I love you guys. Thank you so much for the overwhelming support and love for all of the hard work that went into this mod.

-Echolocated and the V.S. Flexy development team

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