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Friday Night Funkin': Mic'd Up [EX R 2.0.3] - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


V2.0.3 - Amp'd Even Further 7mo
  • Addition downscroll
  • Improvement all keys can be binded now
  • Addition page indicator for options
  • Improvement now you can know what keys to press within freeplay and options
  • Addition you can now fullscreen in the title screen
  • Addition [EXPERIMENTAL] Mod support, not like Polymod
  • Addition you can now see out of date screens in future builds (present in this version, will be seen when updated more)
  • Addition anticheat for when you do cheat :)
  • Addition FPS+'s offset menu, located inside of the note offset option
  • Addition FPS+'s Guitar Hero sutain note deletion, that actually works unlike in the AGOTI hotfix
  • Overhaul menu music can be infinite and whatever you want, with you baing able to out your own bpm as well
  • Addition new options: 5k switch
  • Addition new options: note speed for more note control
  • Addition new options: game over skip
  • Addition new options: cutscene skip after an amount of deaths
  • Overhaul character offsets are now read through text files like in week 7
  • Addition death counter
  • Addition note splashes
  • Addition hscript modcharts
  • Improvement you can use your center keybind to scroll through options and modifiers faster
  • Addition new modifier: Boyfriend Must Die
  • Addition new option: combo health
  • Addition freeplay can now have neat colors for every single song
  • Addition new hue setting, like in week 7 + left and right on the title screen will change it
  • Addition new option: distraction switch
  • Addition difficulty page in freeplay's pause menu
  • Addition new type of notes: mine notes
  • Addition autoplay like stepmania, wihch can be switched on or off in options
  • Addition hitsounds and its own hitsound volume options, you can put as many as you like
  • Addition chromakey options for easy greenscreen, courtesy of TentaRJ
  • Addition restart function for the title screen (CTRL + R)
  • Addition new option: background alpha
  • Addition new chart types: dual arrow, dual chaos, wave
  • Addition more easter eggs
  • Addition leftscroll and rightscroll
  • Addition new option: enemy note alpha (for leftscroll and rightscroll)
  • Addition new option: auto pause, like in week 7
  • Addition new option: pause countdown
  • Addition new option: note splash switch
  • Addition new option: reset button switch
  • Addition new option: cheat button switch
  • Addition new option: note glow for the player
  • Addition new option: note glow for the enemy
  • Addition you can now loop songs, and AB repeat them in freeplay and charting
  • Addition new modifier: jacktastic (PREPARE FOR JACKS)
  • Addition new option: miss animations
  • Improvement there's now fallback support for frozen and worried sprites which means they are completely optional
  • Addition health bar can be now colored based on the most dominant color for an icon
  • Addition new option: health icon switch
  • Addition new option: health icon animations switch
  • Addition you can now switch icon styles to anything you want
  • Improvement ranking sprites are cleaner looking in freeplay and story menu
  • Adjustment buttons for the options menu are now smaller
  • Adjustment monster sprites are now updated to how it looked, similarly to Winter Horrorland's
  • Improvement modifier sprites are now smaller and more compact so you can see more options available
  • Tweak sustain notes wiggle around on beat
  • Tweak input system is much more generous when it comes to hitting notes
  • Addition window's resizable now
  • Overhaul icons no longer look bad, drawn by Sector03
  • Improvement resolution option supports monitors with lower resolution
  • Tweak chaos charts are now seed-based
  • Tweak portrait mode pixel scaling now will detect under a smaller portrait resolution
  • Tweak allow for chart loading thru modsystem
  • Improvement intro text now supports up to three lines
  • Addition window, icon and title shenanigans in thorns
  • Adjustment all characters are positioned properly throughout stages
  • Adjustment philly has been changed to philly nice
  • Adjustment satin panties and winter horrorland have spaces in them
  • Improvement allow for 1-10 combo showing
  • Addition icons now work as week 7 does, with separate grids for each characters, with fallback support
  • Overhaul new ranking sprites, courtesy of Sector03
  • Tweak character limit for preset saving has been raised to 30
  • Adjustment title now contains 'Engine' in it
  • BugFix enemy idles no longer stop when raching the ranking screen
  • BugFix bpm no longer changes on the title screen if you had different menu music
  • BugFix input system should be better
  • BugFix girlfriend is put behind the limo in week 4
  • BugFix fixed a bug where values ended up something like 14.99999999 for example
  • BugFix json loading through the chart menu actually works
  • BugFix some fix to fullscreen not working properly
  • BugFix modifier menu doesn't have weird camera now
  • BugFix fixed charts on endless mode loading too early on future loops, as well as the countdown skip
  • BugFix gameplay customization should work properly
  • BugFix third tracks of story mode should display now
  • Refactor fixed minor spelling mistakes
  • BugFix spirit's face should be in front of a dialogue portrait in thorns
  • BugFix syncing issues for lower framerates
  • BugFix fix stuttering on non bf characters when they are selected as player 1
  • BugFix fix combo being offset by 1
  • BugFix mirror and upside down should be working at all times
V2.0.2 - What You Wouldn't Really Expect 9mo Addition8 Feature Overhaul BugFix2 V2.0.1 - Solid Fix After Fix 9mo Addition6 Improvement Adjustment Tweak2 Overhaul BugFix2 V2.0 - Reborn For The Better 9mo Overhaul2 Addition7

Karaoke: An Experience For Everyone To Make


Warning 1:
FNF: MIC'D UP is a non-profit modification, aimed for entertainment purposes, and wasn't meant to be an attack on Ninjamuffin99 and/or any other modmakers out there. I was not aiming for replacing what Friday Night Funkin' was, is and will. It was made for fun and from the love for the game itself. All of the comparisons between this and other mods are purely coincidental, unless specified otherwise.

Warning 2:
This is my first mod that I have ever made that is a source code compilation. I worked on something else before, that is S.A.S.S for SRB2, but that one uses a different coding language. So in conclusion, don't expect something that will completely blow your mind, and rather something neash that would be useful if you need to play something.

Warning 3:
MIC'd Up may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

This can indeed be used as an engine in itself if you ever want to make stuff inside of it, like weeks or any other stuff. But whenever you're going for that, credit the entire team for this, or we'll steal your kneecaps this instant. We're not joking.

Issues and downloads suck on gamebanana so when you wanna come to download/report an issue, do so at the github page.

FNF: Mic'd Up, previously named FNF: EXR is a modification of FNF that aims for a way bigger experience than you would imagine, while still being a base as a framework for everyone to use, providing with many options to increase your challenge, or perhaps make your game easier. This ranges from new difficulties that you can mess around with to an entirely new FNF modifiers system, that will guarantee you a bigger need of replaying the game, or even more chart types which include One Arrow, Flip, Chaos and Stair.


That's right! Now the whole game looks way more fashionable, either visually, in programming, or both to be better in many ways.


This is an easier version of what is essentially Easy mode. It's perfect for really young players out there,

It's a harder version of Hard difficulty. This one is recommended after you beat hard mode, if you want a challenge. It's still somewhat possible to FC, but it would be rather, expert.

This difficulty is harder than Expert, but also the only difficulty that should not be taken as seriously as all the other difficulties. It's not recommended at all for new players as you may get confused with this difficulty. It's made to look like charts were made by an insane person while still not trying to be way too much like hellbeats, where even notes go when the music shouldn't lead to. Imagine FCing the majority of charts.



These come in a special menu, where everything is. The modifiers, score rate info and some explanation on them. They are ranged from some really useful ones, to outright silly ones. If you pick a modifier after you chose a modifier it doesn't work with, then the one before gets disabled, so for example. You chose perfect and then you choose practice. Practice will be enabled and perfect would be disabled. These save between plays in one session, and will save in different sessions, but now you can even decide to save them however you want, making a name for them. Make sure to watch iyt for easter eggs out there, heheh.

While I would love to include a list of them, there is just way too much and it would flood the page. Nonetheless the game has them explained for you. You just gotta experiment and see what works and what doesn't.


That's right! New modes have come to the family. Marathon lets you play your own playlist of any tracks of any difficulties, while endless will have you play as much as possible. And btw endless has 2 noticable bugs that were definitely intentional. Yeah...


- Options menu, where you can change so much that you wouldn't really imagine, ranging from framerate caps, colorblind options, volume options to some big ones like combo+ or accuracy types
- First Time screen, which will warn you about epilepsy and it being a non-profit modification.
- You can save presets with a name of up to 14 characters, of numbers, letters or symbols.
- The dialogue system has been significantly buffed up. You can use it for any song and customize so much about it. Almost everything can be done without any limits.


Most of the mods should work to a certain extent. Skin mods can work because of the new fallback support for sprites, so you should be fine with using your playable retrospecter mods. Some of the mods won't even be compatible for Mic's Up, like for example executable mods.


Why the name?
    EX Replayability, as previously named, was meant to be just that. Extra replayability. However Mic'd up has provided with something more to the table, that it doesn't seem worth to hold that title accountable for.
Can I use it for any mods as a base?
    It's a framework. Of course you can.
Where's the source code?
    It's already there.
Do you plan to do any more with this mod?
   Very possibly, but it's up to you to choose what you want and when you want it.
I can't run it on my PC.
    This might be because you're running a 32-bit OS. I haven't really tested if it works for 32-bit systems, sorry. Otherwise, maybe it's that you're not running it on Windows. There is no Mac and Linux port yet. If anyone could, please provide OS X and Unix builds.
Also if it's lagging then it's partially on me and on you. Me because it's a little unoptimized, and you because not enough RAM.
Can I contribute to this?
   You can send ideas, make pull requests for its source code and all that junk.
Can I make a pull request for this?
Why was v1.0 so "incomplete"?
    I may have been way too afraid of that modded files only rule. But then I took it as a social experiment and oh boy how disappointed I am in you people.

- The camera on lofi and hifi don't keep up properly when a song's bpm changes. Will take trial and error to fix.
- Expert and Insane charts suck.
- Tutorial camera do be buggy, it stutters sometimes and only gets worse and worse with each zoom.


1. Download the file
2. Extract all the content somewhere
3. Enjoy

1. Download the file
2. Extract all the content from EXR into the v0.2.7 build of FNF, not vicewersa
3. Enjoy


-v1.0 is based on a v0.27 build of FNF.
-This mods also has a new save file which is at "%Appdata%/Verwex/Funkin MU/Funkin Mic'd Up" for Windows users.
- There will be new folders and files at the first launch. Don't worry about them. They're the config file and preset files.
- Look out for any potential leaks out there, heheh.

Now with that out of the way, I hope you'll enjoy this FNF mod. Funk all the way, see you later.
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    will there be support for monster?
    AMOGUS, AMOGUS everywhere..
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    dark souls in fnf mod
    also holy shieetttttttttttt this is fantastic
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  • Boyfriend starts glitching whenever i play a song, do i need the original Xml file or the EXR One?
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    I installed it, but whenever i try to do poison fright (presuming this happens with all the other ones that change the bf's poses), the game crashes. did i do something wrong?
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    when first opened, it didn't work until i loaded the files from fnf into it so yeah
    sans undertale
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    Oh! You're the one behind S.A.S.S?! Nice to see a fello SRB2 users over here! Amazing work on this mod!
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    Make less notes for expert and insane modes, adding a million notes is not heathy to put in a song, also make M.I.L.F. have full circle notes for funny rage
    smiley pikachu BEEG SMILE
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    What I think it needs to be improved are the new charts since some notes didn't really feel like... I dunno, like some notes are in where the song is pretty much silent or when the characters are not singing. Overall, this is still a really good mod, I like it!
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    HEY! I have a mac and would be willing to compile the game from source in a release build, I could then Duplicate the file and put it in a zip file, I could post it in your github page somewhere in the comments section. Workin' on it right now.
    Lol Okay
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  • Hey!
    will there be a two-player mode for this ver?
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