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Vs. Dave and Bambi - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


2.5c 2mo
  • Addition Old House, Old Blocked, Pre-2.5 Maze, and Old Splitathon
  • BugFix Fixed prolonged screenshaking on Splitathon
  • BugFix Fixed display bug with character unlock text on character select screen
  • BugFix Fixed Splitathon icon bug
  • BugFix Fixed Null image when you press 7 on Unfairness
  • BugFix Fixed Assets tab not showing up in chart editor
  • Removal Legacy Difficulty
Thank you for playing.
2.5b 2mo BugFix2 Addition2 Overhaul2 Improvement 2.5 HOTFIX PART 2 3mo BugFix 2.5 hotfix 3mo BugFix 2.5 Update 3mo Addition12 Overhaul4 BugFix3 Removal2

Are you ready to take on Dave and Bambi in their ultimate challenge?


Character unlock guide

Dave - Beat Bonus Song
Tristan - Beat the Dave week
3D Dave - Beat Polygonized on Hard
Mr. Bambi - Get the WORST Ending on Polygonized
Golden Tristan - Beat Dave and Bambi's Week along with Splitathon3D Bambi - Die during the rainbow part of any song that has one.

F. A. Q.

Q. Are you the creator of the mod?

A. No, I am not the creator, MoldyGH created the mod. I only uploaded VS Dave on GB because Moldy is banned from this site.

Q. The songs are overcharted!!!

A. They are not. Let me make this clear, If you believe the charts are spammy, turn on hitsounds, and use FNFBOT to confirm that it is not overcharted. Yeah, some of the joke songs are overcharted, but they are JOKE SONGS. If you are playing the old songs, they are old songs which is why we replaced them and they are not at all representative of our current skill.

Q. Can you port this to the latest version of Kade Engine?

A. No, the majority of the Dave team hates new Kade Engine for many reasons, One of the main reasons is that the "spam penalty" can be way too strict and that is no good with VS Dave songs, ESPECIALLY Supernovae and Glitch. The engine will stay as Dave Engine (Modified version of Kade Engine) and it will not change anytime soon.

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    Bad boi
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    i dont get the appeal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    skibs25 Joined 5d ago
    Since the mod is about to hit 1m views. Can we all remember the times this first looked like a lazy and bad mod and how it formed to a well-done mod?
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    For the people saying the charting is bad. It isn't, the charting's made for the people skilled. Yes some of the patterns could be re-worked but that doesn't mean the charting as a whole sucks. ok thanks, erizur wanted me to say this awhile ago lol
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    Never Give up on what you want
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  • why i cant unlock 3d dave and golden tristan even tho i beat all the weeks including the finale
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    This is the best mod!!!!!
    Bored Guy
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    a w s d bkmknfokpgmhodmtohjmnrdioktmhjodimrtiojskrtgjiohmdorkyjmokpdtykohmjkodpmhgkojmdokytmjiodmyiokjmokdgmoijtioymjhdoirmtohiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidrtgk,hyjum ft myjkldmtyokjokftyjdmyoijmdkjymhnkodmftgkohmdjktgjhmnijmngtjgijuthiijthmidfgnhidunfgijhndiugfhudntruihnsitjunhuisrngtu9hsnrtujhndsrjiothjoidrntgjiohnsdrouitnhsguiojngfhgijsnfjiohnstrjhiuinhstjinhsgntjogksndmjofngusdrtsbu9ingihserjgnmtjihntrjibhgisyrebtgnjsnertigneijnrgioeurgntihyusinbrijngsijernguioserbnedrijgnsiejbngnjseirjngisehrgnjsnriugbsnehigrnejgijsnerfijhgsiedjr

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    moldy not create the mod?!?!
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    I couldn't find this mod until I saw this, I finally found it, thanks for creating the mod :D

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