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LIGHTNING (Beta 4th Iteration) 3-8-22 - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Speed. Movement. Momentum. Combos. CANCELS. All in one.

***DISCLAIMER*** This mod will be updated constantly until it's done so if you're playing with someone online Make sure you have the same version. It will always be labeled. Visit the Discord server to receive the latest test updates.

This Mod sees to make Ultimate move super fast and bring ACTUAL combos and chains. A bunch of new mechanics are here that make the game super heavy on new play styles, as well as expanding on old ones. Mechanics include:

  • Wavedashing
  • Dashdancing 
  • No Landing Lag (Up special landing lag included)
  • Moonwalking
  • Edge Cancelling
  • Detector Hitboxes (some characters get hitboxes that deal no damage and cancel to enhance certain moves as a consistent approach option/combo starter)
  • Cancel in Neutral (with dash, jump, shield, up special. Up specials can be canceled with airdodge at the apex, but NOT DURING FREEFALL.)
  • Airdashing (cancel airdodges into anything)
  • Longer Distance, Initially Much Faster Airdodges
  • Removed Untechable knockback
  • Dodge penalties removed (except invincibility penalty)

  • Block Strings, basically the ability to block string due to cancel on hit. Altered Properties to shield support block strings, ex:
More base shieldstun
Shield hardly depletes in size, has twice the same lifespan
Shield regenerates fully after shield break
Easier Shield Tilt

  • Counter Shield Pressure (Mechanics to support breaking out of block strings)

   *Wider parry window
   *Parry frame 1 out of shieldstun
   *More invincibility frames after parry
   *Cancel out of parry

  • Shield drop frame 1
  • More shield pushback


  • Cancel On Hit 
Cancel jab with only jump, grab, dash, eliminates broken ass spams. Better learn how to microdash

  • Counter Cancels 

Act out of counter when hit, before the attack. There are options. It’s possible to shield counter, so if the opponent does then I suggest starting a block string of any kind, OR going in for a grab. It’s pretty rock-paper-scissors.

  • Specific Move cancels (into other specific moves, enhances character combos and increases movement)



  • No Shield Grabbing During Block Strings (Cannot grab a shield during a block string within 60 frames)
  • No Chain Grabbing (Cannot grab after a grab within 60 frames)
  • Increased max DI angle by 2 times


  • Base Hitlag is increased to 9 frames, Animation Passthrough is increased to 1 full frame



  • Goes over final smash state (final smash meter must be enabled)
  • Can use Neutral B instead of final smash
  • Reset airdodge on hit 
  • Attack and special Moves come out 1.1x faster


  • Input Command for Cross Cancel (up taunt right before getting hit, you’ll have a 30 frame window. If successful, you'll do UI Goku 6H from FighterZ, and you'll be able to counter attack)


  • Input Command for Crimson Cancel (press down taunt after 50%, your opponents will slow down for 2 seconds, once a stock.)


THIS MOD WORKS ONLINE IN BATTLE ARENAS! If all players are using the same copy, it will indeed work in Battle Arenas! (Make sure all players use the latest version) PLEASE don't be stupid and try Quickplay. Just stick to Battle Arenas, if you're doing a public arena I suggest using a password. 

I'm putting a beta out now cuz I need help seeing broken moves and weird situations, but so far, it's extremely playable. See the video for an idea of how to go about playstyles and movement. (**loudness and cursing warning**)

The discord is up!! Here's the link
You can share videos, talk about the mod in general, and matchmake with others!
Keep in mind I'm not a coder like that so don't ask me any code questions.

  • Hi, can I ask you something, I'm really enjoying this mod but there's something that annoy's me (not from the mod, is from the base game).  I would like to know if its possible to mod so the tilt button don't do smash attacks on flick. I'd like to have smash attacks only on the second analog or another button. I messed with all the sensitivities settings but still can't get consistent. And also i like to play mostly from my arcade stick and it only register as smash attacks, never tilts.

    Is it possible? and how hard is to do, i'm willingly will try learn modding for this, but before starting I believe you have the knowledge to say if is possible or not.

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    aye yooo wants the link to the discord?????

    current link doesn't work
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