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Project Zelia (Chaos Platinum) - A Mod for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Zelian Sinnoh

Welcome to the Sinnohverse! This project that aims to rewrite the Sinnoh story by changing key characters and editing what pokémon are available to you (the player). Fakemon are based on designs made for the Chaos Platinum ROM hack for the DS.

Changes in the Regional Forms:
Furret = ICE/NORMAL (new evolve method)
Latios = DRAGON / DARK (has same stat total as Togekiss)
Latias = DRAGON / FAIRY (has same stat total as Togekiss)
Mightyena = (coming soon)
Pidgey/Pidgeotto = FLYING/DARK 
Pidgeot = ELECTRIC/DARK (new evolve method)
Poochyena = coming soon

Replaced Gym Leaders/Elite Four:
-Roark = Buck
-Gardenia = ???
-Byron = ???
-Volkner = ???
-Bertha = ???
-Cynthia = ???

Movesets have also been updated for all new variants mentioned, but I don't know if it'll affect the moves they know by default in Ramana's Park in the case of legendaries. Working on updating their dex entries also.

NOTE: Incompatible with other mods that edit anything in the Dpr, Pml, Message or UI folders.

Beta Release v1.0.0 - Replaced gym leaders up to the second gym. All new pokémon/forms attainable before Eterna City.