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Lucy (Elfen Lied) [CMC+ V7] - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade


Entry Bugfix 2mo
  • BugFix Lucy's entry anim now actually spawns the vector effects
AI Update 2 (hopefully the last) 2mo Adjustment2 Actual AI added 2mo Improvement

Oh, quam sancta. Quam serena. Quam benigna. Quam amoena. Oh, castitatis lilium.

This character features bloody visual effects, as well as general brutality to enhance the experience given Lucy's nature as well as her source material's. This being said, while in moderation and as a result of the latter, Lucy is a stronger character than most others. Don't expect her to be balanced.
Regarding the former, please practice discretion if you're squeamish.

From the Elfen Lied series, Lucy has been set free.

Lucy is the main character, main protagonist and Anti-hero/anti-villainess of the Elfen Lied series.
She's considered the "queen" of the Diclonius species, a human sub-species that emerged in the late 1990s and were noted by their horns and their psychokinetic ability to kill using high-vibrating arms called "vectors", which are invisible to normal human sight.
Due to the social stigma caused by this difference between her and the rest of society, she was shunned, isolated and ruthlessly tormented since birth, causing her to go through a mental breakdown at a very early age and developing strong emotions of hatred and vengeance towards human beings as a result. Due to this, she has become prone to fits of rage and committing mass homicides ever since.

As a mod for CMC, Lucy's role revolves around her outstanding ability to play keepaway, deal higher than normal amounts of damage and play around with her opponents via using her vectors to attack at a formidable range. Due to this, if you fight her using a rushdown/purely brawler character with little to no projectile options, your chances of winning are extremely low.

Let's break her down in detail:
  • Lucy has a damage-related mechanic: If she deals 100% of damage across the board, regardless of to who, she will say a voiceline, as well as triggering pulsations/heartbeat sounds to come from her (you will also see blood dripping from her hand if you stand still when this is happening). This signifies that she's ready to use any of the two A+B moves she has: Neutral A+B, and Down A+B. We'll go in detail on these two later, but for now know that if she gets killed, this damage counter will reset to 0 and you'll have to deal 100 damage total again.
  • Her jab is a one-hit punch that can cancel into any tilts. Her tilts, in turn, can cancel into her smash attacks.
  • Her Smash Attacks are her main method of using her vectors to attack enemies, all of them have a threatening range. Side Smash is a balance between killpower and damage, Up Smash deals the highest amount of damage and can be used to set up into Lucy's aerials, but has the worst knockback growth out of the three, only being able to kill enemies at around 130% off the top. Down Smash sends at the lowest angle out of the three of them, but deals the lowest damage from the three smash attacks.
  • Her Aerials all involve using her vectors to attack opponents, all of them with almost as much range as her smash attacks, but with a higher than normal amount of landing lag to compensate. She's very dangerous in midair regardless.
  • Her Neutral B has her pull out a SMG to shoot opponents from a safe distance. Damage purposes only.
  • Her Side B and Up B have her use her vectors to thrust herself either horizontally or vertically with an insane amount of force to hit opponents. Useful either to score kills off the top or to get opponents out of your way.
  • Her Down B has her use her vectors to unleash a barrage of wind that pushes opponents forwards. The barrage deals no damage, but it's merely a ploy to distract the opponent; after 1.5 seconds of the wind barrage, a delayed but very powerful burst of wind (also caused by the vectors) is let loose, with an obscene range and power. The position at which the burst of wind spawns can be manipulated by Lucy by holding the special button down throughout the initial wind barrage's duration. The more you hold it down, the further away the subsequent burst will spawn at.
    The aerial version of Down B is similar to her aerials, but she uses her vectors on both sides of herself as a "get away from me" tool.
  • Her Neutral A+B move (only usable after triggering the heartbeat pulses after dealing 100% damage total) triggers a brief "cutscene" before she slams her feet forwards, causing a massive barrage of wind to appear; this move has insane killpower but deals the least damage out of the two A+B moves she has available. After using the move, the hidden damage counter returns to 0.
  • Her Down A+B move makes her use her vectors to slam the ground at both sides of herself (both slams deal damage similar to the Down B burst), in order to lift two big rocks before shooting them straight forwards. This A+B move is focused on dealing major damage rather than killing the opponent.
  • Her Final Smash is the culmination of all the brutality she's able to deal. It's better if you try it rather than me explaining it in this absolute hunk of a bulleted list.

I really like how this mod came out (I know I say that about everything I make but it's always a unique feeling of pride for all of them, Lucy's is equally as unique for what I was able to achieve making her). I hope you enjoy playing as her (or against her, she has a nice AI)