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Garboy (OC/Garboy) [0.9.4/CMC+] - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

Slashes the competition!

My strange creation joins the battle! , It is about Garboy, my first creation, my Oc, he had 2 games in all his life, it is a kind of porcupine, hedgehog, alien with the power to convert every part of his body into a metal Strange and quite hard, mostly turns her fingers into claws from that metal, he also has mild powers of magnetism and materialize that metal around him, he is a peculiar character and takes inspiration from Sonic,Here I show a couple of their specials:

Neutral Special: Steel Camouflage
- It makes it invisible, it is removed in a slight time or when you give more than 3 blows

Side Special: Wandering Star
- It generates a stone with embedded needles that flies irregularly without losing the orbit of Garboy , this can catch the rival in its first hit But afterwards in the following hits, it will do it naturally.

Up Special: Clawed tornado
- Makes a tornado that slashed everything , it can also do it horizontally even down if it gives you at the time indicated.

Down Special: Stinging Orbit
- Create several spines that revolve around Him, they protect it from any projectile.

Edge Special: Dig Attack
- You can dig the wall and depending on whether you give it to the right or left, will come out of the ground or further or closer.

Air-Taunt Special: Hazardous crystals
- Launches a small pointy things that adhere to the rival and get squatted. It also helps you to promote yourself better in the air.

Final Smash: Pointy Supernova
- It is an explosion that spreads stones with thorns everywhere, can send the rival to fly to the air, it is based on the first and unique attack of Garboy in its first game.

The character can come more updates in some future, keep aware!

Hope you enjoy it and tell me something to improve the character in the comments. Do not use the content of these modifications as your own or there will be serious consequences.