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Primid (SSBB Subspace Emissary) [CMC+ V7] - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade


No, you're not dreaming, a Primid from Subspace Emissary has joined the fray!

With the spriting efforts of yammy and my coding, we've managed to bring this Primid fella to life for all of you's enjoyment!

Unless you've been living under a 50 kilometer bunker for more than 15 years, you should know what a Primid is, but just in case...
  • Primids are the low-level goons of the Subspace Army in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's The Subspace Emissary mode, and they appear as the most frequently encountered enemies in the gamemode.
  • The Primids attack with a multitude of attacks involving their fists, feet, and body, as well as a variety of weapons like boomerangs, swords and scopes.
  • Primids primarily appear in large numbers, possess high mobility, and utilise a larger moveset than most SSE enemies, which results in them being rather versatile.
  • They also appear in many different variations to suit different tasks, such as fire breathing primids, metal primids and gigantic primids.

But wait... Did you really think Primid would come here on its own without... Y'know, any helping hands?

  • Primid's main mechanic throughout his moveset is the use of the Shadow Bugs for a large variety of purposes. You'll see it in 90% of his moveset and even system animations.
  • His gameplan consists of using his normals, specials and throws to damage the opponent both from up close and from afar, and his smash attacks and aerials to finish them off when they're at a high enough percentage.
  • For its Side Tilt and Up Tilt, Primid pulls out a Beam Saber to slash opponents.
  • For its Down Tilt, Primid uses the Shadow Bugs to summon a fellow Primid in order to throw them forwards, causing said Primid to hit the floor and break into Shadow Bugs as a result. Look out for the later part of his fall, it can spike!
  • For its Dash Attack, Primid uses the Shadow Bugs to summon and ride a Roader to hit any enemies down its path. Only tapping attack makes Primid ride it for a little while, but you can hold it down to ride it for a while longer at the cost of crashing and being sent flying a short distance before tumbling onto the floor.
  • For its Side Smash, Primid uses the Shadow Bugs to summon an Auroros with which to stab forwards three times before a last stab that can be used to kill enemies.
  • For its Down Smash, Primid creates a portal to summon two Bytans and makes them fall to each side, hitting enemies on their way down.
  • For its Up Smash, Primid slowly envelops itself in Shadow Bugs to turn itself into a Gamyga. The Shadow Bugs can drag enemies into the centerpoint that is Primid itself before hitting them as the Gamyga itself. However, if you hold down the Special button by the time Primid has turned into a Gamyga, you can make it fire off a blast shot diagonally to whatever horizontal direction you're pressing (left or right). This is a very powerful yet very slow move, use with care.
  • For its Ledge Attack and Getup Attack, Primid turns into Shadow Bugs before making some Mites jump out, hitting any enemies that are nearby.
  • For its Neutral Aerial, Primid turns its arms into a Scythe normally wielded by a Greap, and uses it to swing all around itself with quite the weight. The blade hits a lot stronger than the red trail caused by the blade.
  • For its Forward Aerial, Primid turns its left arm into a Nagagog fist before punching diagonally forwards with a good windup.
  • For its Up Aerial, Primid turns its head into a Bombed's head and shoots it directly upwards before causing it to explode. It has quite the killpower, but takes a bit of timing to use effectively since the head doesn't explode on contact.
  • For its Down Aerial, Primid turns into a Towtow before falling straight downwards with all its weight, spiking anyone who is unfortunate enough to be below.
  • For its Back Aerial, Primid turns its right arm into an Armank's jaw, before thrusting it either downwards (by default) or upwards (by holding up when the thrust happens). The attack has quite the startup, but it hits like a truck.
  • For its Neutral Special, Primid pulls out a Super Scope in order to either fire three shots forwards (by releasing the special button after tapping it), or a single charged shot by holding special down. Both of them are used to zone the opponent away and rack up damage, as they cannot kill on their own.
  • For its Side Special, Primid pulls out a Boomerang and throws it either diagonally upwards (if on the floor) or diagonally downwards (if in the air). You can choose which direction you throw the boomerang at by holding up or down before throwing it. It covers the range the Neutral Special cannot cover, and fulfills a similar purpose.
  • For its Up Special, Primid summons a Spaak Cloud to ride. By holding down Special, you can charge the Spaak Cloud as it goes from a white coloration, to gray, to black. The more charge, the farther upwards you'll travel, the more electric sparks you'll shoot out, and whether or not Spaak will be surrounded by a purple electricity field. This move has an incredible upwards recovery, but takes a second and a half to charge completely so you have to make sure you don't get hit before unleashing the charge.
  • For its Down Special, Primid breathes fire straight in front of himself. The move has slightly below average range and a lot of endlag, but if you manage to hit the opponent with all the flames you'll rack up 25% damage total. This move is incredibly good for racking up percent, but alas it's a risk reward one. Use wisely.
  • For its Grab and Pummel, Primid turns its left arm into a Feyesh tentacle and its right hand into a Puppit's claw to slash the grabbed enemy.
  • For its Forward Throw, Primid throws the opponent directly forwards and summons a Borboras that blows a strong wind to send the opponent flying away. Use this to return back to neutral.
  • For its Up Throw, Primid summons a Glunder to zap the opponent before shooting them upwards.
  • For its Down Throw, Primid summons two Bucculus to smooch the opponent and shoot them at an odd upwards angle, best used to connect to aerials.
  • For its Back Throw, the opponent is attacked by a Floow while Primid watches in a panic. Poor Primid.
  • And finally... For its Final Smash, Primid creates three portals that pour an immense quantity of Shadow Bugs on top of Primid itself, alongside some other troopers that get turned into Shadow Bugs alike, in order to accumulate enough Shadow Bugs to coalesce into one of the Subspace Emissary Bosses: Duon. Duon then proceeds to stab multiple times with its blue half towards its left, and shoot a devastating pink laser with its pink half towards its right to finish off any poor souls that get into the line of fire.
  • (lol he turns into a ticken for his taunt laugh at him)

Alongside Primid itself... Well known stage modder WaluigiDX has coded a stage based on one of the sections of the Subspace Emissary's Great Maze, featuring a fearsome someone looming in the background. Massive props to him for joining us on this incredibly fulfilling and fun collab.
You can get it here!: The Subspace by WaluigiDX

And with that... That's about it. What are you waiting for? Go and give this fella a shot! It's raring to go beat the hell out of any challengers.

For whoever cares, no this was not made with the intention of being considered as a potential newcomer for vanilla Crusade's next versions.
As much as it could be neat in concept, the fact of the matter is it has already been done with Goomba, and not only do I think I coded him with little to no inspiration or attention to detail because of what its moveset was originally not really resonating with me, he was changed so much from what was the originally released product in order to be added to vanilla that it no longer feels like a creation that either makes me happy/satisfied or that I had a part in making him. He could've been coded by me or by anyone else and there wouldn't have been too much of a difference if it resulted in what is included in the base 9.4 game.
With Primid, however, I can safely say I feel incredibly proud of what yammy and I pulled off and I personally feel like we did an awesome job, and I'd rather have it stay that way without third parties intruding with forcing unwanted changes to him that more often than not would end up being unfitting or incohesive to what was the intention for his entire design.
Thanks for reading.
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