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Friday Night Funkin': Vs. Sonic.Exe (UPDATE 2 OUT) - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'.

Join Bf and Gf as they rap for their life against a creepypasta legend!

PC requirements:
a good pc lol

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    People really need to move on from this mod man. It sucks the mod is cancelled, but really, it's for the best.
    meow i guess lmao
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  • Hey Guys I Made Lord BF Its Still Work in Progress
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  • Fix story mode, on phase 2 of sonic, the notes don't function the way their supposed to, plus on phase 1 the jumpscare STILL lags the entire game, and another stupid ass feature is that when you go to setting/options IT LAGS MORE THAN MCDONALDS WIFI! 

    Now we have triple trouble, this is confuses me, when you get in to the song the ring in the middle makes it more unfocusing because there is no middle, why don't you place it next to the left note? 

    It would make the game more playable if these bugs were just removed so that way people can play the game like they would but if there is any way to fix them on our own (which I doubt) it might just make a difference on what you did to what your fans did so that way the game isn't fucked up like it is now.

    However, they didn't fuck up sound test which is good but my concern is that you left off at the middle of the build when making 3.0 making phase 2 more laggy and phase 1 was fixed, my question is that did you put it there onpurpose, if so why even bother making you can't run in the first place or even the mod if it's that unstable

    (don't take offence if I called you devs dumb its just true because people are dumb in our own way, + nobodys perfect and thats ok, just fix your fucking game.)
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  • why not just remake the code so that way it doesn't break like it did?

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    i feel bad with this mod because it go cancelled
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    Dear people upset about the leaks, people have said this countless times, yet you 8 year olds will not listen, so might as well add another comment to the masses.

    The leaks were not the reason for the mod's cancelling.
    The reason the mod was cancelled was because there were way too much people within the team, and not only that, constant immaturity in the team caused it to break apart, and sent them down the spiral of developer hell.

    I will miss the mod, it was, and still is, one of my favourites. But it's best to let the mod and the devs rest instead of them having to ruin their health further and further just to appease the masses.

    tl;dr: leaks werent the issue, the team itself was going through hell and it wasnt worth it anymore
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    furry potato
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  • my computer don't like rar files lol
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  • for all the people who leaks
    FU## YA'LL
    I WAS SO EXCITED TO PLAY SONIC.EXE 3.0 BUT NOW IT ENDED UP GETTING CANCELED, YOU GUYS NEED TO STOP BLAMING THE LEAKS, IT TAKES OUT ALL THE HYPE THAT WE HAVE FOR AN UPDATE, AND IN THIS CASE IT MADE UP GETTING CANCELED, F#CK YA'LL I HOPE ALL OF YOUR LIFES GETS TO LIVE IN HELL and sorry if im beeing mean, its because these freaking leakers just ruined the WHOOOOOOOOOOOLE update you guys didn't even wait for like to JUNE! FREAKING JUNE 3 MONTHS AFTER IT GOT ANNOUNCED! 3 FUCKING MONTHS! and now we have all the mod canceled i wanna give ya'll a big applause for ruining everything im very dissapointed of everyone who leaked im very dissapointed, and one more time F#CK YA'LL
    F # C K Y A ' L L
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    Just a guy
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    people need to stop blaming the leaks. did the leaks unease the team a bit? sure. the main reason it all fell down was because it got too big for it's own good and the constant infighting and drama within the giant team, at the end the team doomed themselves to this dev hell purgatory
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    fuck you leakers
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