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Friday Night Funkin' - QT Mod - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Version 1.2 5mo
  • Improvement TV instructions for dodging are now much clearer!
  • Improvement Dodging animation is no longer misleading (no more dying while dodging).
  • BugFix Termination intro is now hardcoded so the arrows will always appear, regardless if modcharts work or not.
  • Addition Added a failsafe if for whatever reason the arrows are still invisible before the first turn (right after the sawblade).
  • Tweak Tweaked Termination's chart at around 2:25 (replacing the right jacks with a short hold note for better sync+gameplay).
  • Adjustment Termination pincers don't move the notes as far away anymore (discovered that moving the notes up and down with the modchart doesn't update the timing window for notes, which just creates misleading visuals. Instead of outright removing it, it instead now just moves it slightly).
  • Adjustment Termination pincers now move the notes left and right more to make up for the lack of vertical movement.
  • Improvement Alert symbol now has a black outline to hopefully improve visability.
  • Optimization Bluescreen section should no longer have a lagspike when changing.
  • Addition Added optimise option to the Misc Options which should help address lag problems in Censory-Overload and Termination (works by removing gas effects + background change effect)
  • Adjustment KB's icon has been moved up slightly.
  • Amendment Added missing note on Hard and Normal for Censory-Overload on KB's side at the end. Also fixed the overlapping long notes on KB's side at around 2:55.
  • Adjustment Replaced some appearances of the "Hex Eye" with something more lore accurate.
  • Tweak Cutscene animation slightly adjusted.
  • Adjustment Cessation's difficulty is now "Future" instead of "Normal"
  • Addition Cessation's ending image can now be skipped.
  • Amendment Carefree and Careless are now capatilised properly.
  • Tweak Careless[HARD] scroll speed increased by 0.1
  • Improvement Tweaked intro to the triple notes in Careless to hopefully flow better.
  • Amendment KB now has blue eyes in Cessation to further indicate that Cessation takes place in the future.
  • Adjustment Cessation and Termination now display their custom difficulty text in the pause menu.
  • Optimization Graphics are now set to persist by default. Should help with load times when reloading a song or something.
  • Feature Sawblade functions can now be called using modcharts!
  • Feature Tutorial song now has the Termination attack functions baked into it, meaning you can now use tutorial as a base for a custom song which uses these attack functions using modcharts! Tutorial already comes with an example of how these functions work.
  • Amendment QT-Meme is now back in the character list (apparently I forgot to add it to the list back in older versions, oops).
  • Addition Added classic KB and QT (very old versions of the character sprites/animations that you may or may not have seen from the devlog YouTube playlist)
  • Addition Lore?
Alright, this should hopefully be the last update for the QT mod.
After this I'm going to go back to working on other projects.
It was fun and I'm grateful for all the support!

Version 1.2 BETA 5mo Overhaul Version 1.1 6mo BugFix2 Tweak2 Improvement Amendment Addition2

Too cute to die for!

You hear music coming from the alleyway and you go to investigate. You see a cute girl listening to music. She asks if you want to sing with her and you agree...

This mod is difficult! Only play Hard if you think you are a decent player because of the difficulty spike for the 3rd song.
Also, it is highly recommended to play with DFJK or something similar because this mod contains double and triple notes!

If you complete the entire week on hard, check freeplay ;)
And check freeplay again once you've beaten that hellish bonus song
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  • We have a question why I get laggy when I play in the third song :v
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  • sussy amogus avatar
    sussy amogus Joined 6mo ago
    229 points Ranked 67,563rd
    i wish this mod got updated to the hex weekend update kade engine build, because like 99% of the time spent playing termination is spent waiting for the stupid game over animation to do its unnecessary fadeout, the annoying sound of the microphone falling every single time, and the three two one go, instead of actually being able to play the song. sorry if this comment is unnecessarily harsh or something for no reason i'm just salty because of the skill issues
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  • GuiTakaBEdim avatar
    GuiTakaBEdim Joined 2mo ago
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    Porfavor colocam esse mod na Psych Engine!

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  • fizgog avatar
    fizgog Joined 4mo ago
    147 points Ranked 80,954th
    I have been summoned

    Honestly though this mod is not only one of my favourite mods, the songs are good, the art style is amazing and the termination mechanic made me break my keyboard on several occasions, but one thing remains certain.

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    anime watcher
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  • Man i love this mod so much! QT Mod going to be my favorite mod so much! it has cool mechanics and mod chart! Termination is my Favorite
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    Teenage mod author
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  • Abdul9531 avatar
    Abdul9531 Joined 2mo ago
    2mo 2mo
    i still cant play censory overload
    devs can you please fix censory overload to prevent it from crashing the game :(
    great mod overall i love it
    edit: it only works in freeplay but i wanna play termination :(
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  • I can't access the song termination

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  • Merlux77 avatar
    Merlux77 Joined 2mo ago
    Hello, I wanted to ask for help because when I finish the song "Careless" when I am playing the week when the cinematic of "Censory overload" is about to appear the game crashes help please, I want to play termination :(
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  • Weeb_Bonnie0 avatar
    Weeb_Bonnie0 Joined 9mo ago
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    Hey sorry about being REALLY rude couple months ago 1 I was drunk and raging and after beating termination I give this mod 8/10 its really good but its crazy how you give ur opinion and people intently hate you so every dev of this mod I'm terribly sorry  
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  • does anyone know the code to use qt sawblade in psych?

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