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V.S. TABI Ex Boyfriend[UPDATE] - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


ValueException FIX 8mo
  • BugFix ValueException
Yes, ValueException Error is fixed. You can play now! Yay!
Rechart 8mo Improvement Backgrounds 8mo Improvement2 Post Explosion Sprites Rework 8mo Improvement valueException TEMP FIX 8mo BugFix

Battle your girlfriends EX to survive

Official Twitter account of Tabi Team (We post leaks for updates there, be sure to check it out >:3)

TRIGGER WARNING! Please, if you have epilepsy disease check setting and turn on photosensitive mod, because game contains flashes and other stuff that can trigger.

Your girlfriend, invited by her dad's friend for some unknown reason, asks you to come along with her. When you arrive at the place, there was no one, except for one weird guy that scared your girlfriend out. Will everything go well or is something bad going to happend

Turns out he was your girlfriend's EX-boyfriend, Tabi, which she had broke up with a year ago. When they both started dating, he was a novice music producer who had passion and love for his work, that was until he met her dad.

Your girlfriend's dad, being an ex-rockstar, wanted his little girl to be just like him, that's why they both started using Tabi for their advantage. Years had passed since they were together, when Tabi suddenly came to notice that his girlfriend was using him for her own career and didn't care about him at all. And at the time, he even lost his career helping his girlfriend to become a star. Once she knew he understood everything, a couple of guys came to Tabi's house and kidnapped him. He woke up in some alleyway without clothes and.. surprisingly, without his body. To his shock, it was invisible except his hand that was pure bones. He knew who did this to him right away.. her dad.. he must revenge.. he must kill them both... 

Another year had passed, he made a plan and he's ready to execute it.


Q: What is the personality of tabi in general?
A: Tabi is very calm and strict. He is not a maniac or terrorist as many thought. BUT! He's personality cardinally changed after what GF's father did to him. You will be able to see Tabi's good side in upcoming updates! 

Q: What is Tabi's mass, height, species, birth date, birthplace, age, and affiliation?
A: 78 kg, 182 cm, human, 30 may, Russia, 21, European (Yes, Tabi is Russian)

Q: Is thee a biography/story of Tabi's life? If so, can you post as much as you can?
A: You will learn more about Tabi and hes past in upcoming updates, we will inform you when it will come out ;)

A: How much of him is "body" his skull is just floating. Are his hands/feet also just not connected. Is there a body underneath the clothes with just a floating skull or is he essentially just head feet and hands?
Q: He's body is the same except it's invisible. If you touch him you can feel it. If you undress him you won't be able to see anything except skull and hes skelly hands lol (eat it nsfw artists >:DDDD)

A: How was Tabi's and GF's relationship like before?
Q: Sweetest relationship you could imagine 

Q: Was Tabi a human?
A: Yes! He was, he is human now, except he wears a skull and has invisible body. He also can't take it off as you may see.

The story.. isn't over... 

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