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Friday Night Funkin': ENTITY - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Crash fix 2mo
  • - yeah.
0.1.6 2mo Adjustment2 Entity Demo 2mo Mini Update 7mo Not-So-Hot-Fix! 7mo

A.G.O.T.I is back, this time with some friends...

"Symphony is the essence that exists in this world that can tie in anyone's heart and soul... Amplify them... Change them."

FNF Entity DEMO is out NOW


- 4 songs, one for each character 

Runs on Psych Engine
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    DJ_2012 Joined 5mo ago
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    The Demo is pretty good
    I'm happy to hear Agoti is staying, his new voice is also pretty sick
    Parasite is still Parasite, which is epic
    Godrays did not dissapoint from the trailer!
    Aldryx is basically minus Agoti, Shotgun Shell is also a pretty strange song, good overall!
    Nikusa is just... I understand this game isnt a kids game, so i'm entirely fine with it, just....
    w h a t.
    anyway, Overall 5/5 mod, cant wait to see the full release!
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  • does anyone have the old old agoti mod? i really want to play expert and insane again in the real mod but i dont know where i can get it, would be cool if someone can help me
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  • ZeroCM avatar
    ZeroCM Joined 9mo ago
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    they replaced my favorite mod with generic fnf bullshit

    what the fucc happened to agotis voice, genesis soundchip sounded so much better

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    This mod is pure perfection

    Completely accurate designs to the style
    Songs that you can hear forever in your head
    A completely new game voding
    An actual AGOTI voice (I will miss the old one though)
    And the completely necessary big boobs in Nikusa
    Mommy Milkers
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  • ZaptroidVR avatar
    ZaptroidVR Joined 23d ago
    This is a great mod and I can't wait for the full release and DAAAAMNN are the songs FIRE
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  • Deviation avatar
    Deviation Joined 24d ago
    Since this is a demo, I will try to be as honest as I can with my criticism because I (and I think a lot of the community) wish for this mod to succeed and be one of, if not the best fnf mod to come out of 2022. With that being said, onto the review! I'll review each song individually and I'll recap my thoughts on the mod as a whole at the end.

    Shotgun-Shell: A weird song, both as a song itself and chart-wise. As said by some "Cap" on Youtube, the song's melody and the voices interacts oddly with the track sometimes, creating unneeded dissonance in some areas. Apart from that though, the song is honestly really great, so as long as those vocals are fixed it is good to go. As for the charting, it's very sporadic in some areas, with jacks (which I'm personally not a fan of in the first place) littering most of the song and the charting being slightly off-beat in some moments makes the difficulty feel forced and not due to clever charting.

    Parasite: Ah, Parasite. This song came from the original AGOTI mod and has been ravamped for Entity. Sad to say though, but I do think that this version is simply a weak imitation of the original. Now first though, onto the good points. Parasite is still Parasite, the charting is excellent, the song slaps so hard it can cook a chicken in one slap, and I really like the new sections both at the beginning and the end of the song. I also think that AGOTI's new voice fits, even though I heavily prefer the original; I think I can agree with the fact that it does sound like a sound a living being would produce, and not the sega genesis that was in the original. That being said though, the original is still incredibly iconic, and if possible I really hope the mod is able to merge both the new vocals and the old vocals to create a "human-like Sega Genesis" vocal, since the OG vocals sound good but they don't favor being able to hold long notes, while the new vocals fit AGOTI yet don't sound as good as the originals, so I hope there's a good middle-ground to be found between the two. Now, onto the reason why I believe that this song is a weak imitation of the OG and it is because of one Boyfriend. The original Parasite uses a very crisp and very good sounding Boyfriend font that just elevates the song to another level. Playing through the original Parasite and playing Entity's version of Parasite you would notice the difference is quite literally night and day. The new Boyfriend vocals sound surprisingly flat, and that energy is lost from the original which used the crisp Boyfriend vocals. Try comparing the two vocals, you'll see what I'm talking about.

    Godrays: Overall very solid. The song sounds fantastic and the charting is good too.

    Promenade: Same thoughts as Godrays. The song is very chill and is a great change of pace from the upbeatness of most songs. The charting is good too, simple yet effective.

    Overall, I'm very excited to where this mod is heading and how it will be developed in the future. The mod itself is very well presented and everything just looks very clean. I hope that these criticisms can be used to make the mod even better for when the full version is released. Thanks for reading.
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  • 6ql7e3 avatar
    6ql7e3 Joined 7mo ago
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    remove shading from agoti icon
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    among us in real life sus sus avatar
    among us in real life sus sus
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