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e.v.e HUD - A Mod for Team Fortress 2


v4.27 11mo
  • BugFix compatibility with the latest TF2 patch
  • Improvement when looking for a game black background should extend to the bottom of the screen now
v4.26 2y BugFix v4.24 3y BugFix v4.22 4y BugFix v4.21 4y BugFix2 Improvement

interface modification

1. Automatic updater is now available

Download, install, update and modify the HUD with ease.

More info about it.

2. General information

I made this modification in a free time. Turned out people like it so I decided to release it for everyone.

Video previews, thanks to NoArmsIrene.

I suggest you to visit my website for more information and screenshots.

You can join the Steam Group as well if you want to be notified in case of new releases.


Steam Group

Steam Forums

3. Features

  • Almost every element has been enhanced in some way for clarity, but I tried to make it interesting at the same time.
  • Two working modes switchable with cl_hud _minmode 0/1. One designed for normal play and the other for competitive players.
  • Support for the following aspect ratios: 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 5:3.
  • Works with a mac and a linux version of the game.

4. Latest version

version 4.27 (22.08.2020) Changelog
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  • Whuttr avatar
    Whuttr Joined 11mo ago
    I love this hud, but the end of round scoreboard pop up thing is huge, and it makes it harder to run away when I lose or shoot the losers lol. Is there a way to make the leaderboard thing smaller? Thanks
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  • Crehsh avatar
    Crehsh Joined 5y ago
    499 points Ranked 49,434th
    For some unknown reason, the hud works fine, other than the fact that it crashes my game eventually after joining a match.
    Wonder why? Either way, it's still a great hud and one of my all-time favorites, despite this issue.
    It's like I always say: Fuck avatar
    It's like I always say: Fuck
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  • Ivan_the_Awesome avatar
    Ivan_the_Awesome Joined 10mo ago
    10mo 10mo
    MvM UI is broken for me in the latest version ( eg. item reward screen does not appear and money collected screen has broken elements).

    The Contracker has some minor broken elements as well.

    The votescreen appears to be somewhat broken too.

    I've installed the latest version only recently and the older version i had installed prior (I believe it was the version for the Blue Moon Update) worked wonderfully.

    Anyone else having this problem or a potential fix?

    Thanks alot in advance

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  • why isnt this on for 10 long years?
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  • Apegard avatar
    Apegard Joined 1y ago
    781 points Ranked 44,860th
    holy 2020 update
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  • Um...I don't know its only me, but I had a problem with the hud like when I got uber charged it made some big pink blocks, so if any can tell me that hud's doesnt have any problems.Please tell me how to fix this.
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  • For the blu option in the loadout menu, it doesn't change the weapon's war paint's team color, same for the painted cosmetics (if, of course, they have different colors for each team)
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  • WhyDoYouSuck avatar
    WhyDoYouSuck Joined 2y ago
    195 points Ranked 64,032nd
    How do you edit the RES file for hitmarkers? I can't open it because I don't have any applications that open RES files.
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  • this is and toonhud are the only ones which still have build menus and disguise menus for controller.

    thank you
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  • Woah, it has the most downloads in the GUI section, is it that popular?!
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