Giblet Overhaul (Vanilla Blood) - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

So Much Blood!

Allen Scott

1. Summary

Welcome to the 2020 edition of my Giblet Overhaul mod. The way this was achieved is completely different from the original rendition. These are new jiggle boned models originally ported from Team Fortress 2 Classic. The models were edited after being ported to replace beta body parts with the retail versions such as the scouts shoes. Any model that still used the beta UV Layouts have been converted to retail layout. All UV errors left over from VALVe have been corrected as well. Each model pulls its texture from the respective class VMT the game uses for the player models and then it patches the blood on-top of it. Because of this, the mod is fully compatible with any mod that doesn't use a different UV from the retail models. Each cross section surface pulls from a shared sheet of meat and bone.

2. Features

2.1. Mod Compatibility

Any mod installed for the 9 classes that uses the retail UV layout will be compatible with this mod. If a mod edits a model, as long as it still uses the same UV layout for some portions of the layout the mod may still function as intended.

2.2. Jiggle Bones

The giblet models were ported from Team Fortress 2 Classic at the beginning of this mod so we could have the jiggle physics for the models.

2.3. UV and Mesh Error Fixes

All UV errors on the models have been fixed. Such as skewed faces on the back of the scouts neck. Removed any sharp edges that didn't belong and added sharp edges when appropriate. Merged vertices in locations with gaps leaving backfaces visible. 

2.4. Model Properties Amended

All objects that are not made of flesh have been given appropriate surface properties. Engineer's hardhat is made of plastic, Pyro's canister is made of metal, etc. Non organic objects will no longer paint the ground with blood upon impact. Objects that don't contain flesh will no longer bleed when flying. Pyro's canister will emit smoke and fire when gibbed.

2.5. Retail Object Ports

Any object that uses beta geometry and UV has been converted to the retail geometry and UV. Notable examples are Scout's shoes, Scout's torso (UV remapped to retail chart), Soldier's head, Scout's head, Spy's head, Demoman's chest grenades, etc.

2.6. Giblet Lifetime

Gibs will now despawn after 35 seconds instead of the usual 10.

2.7. Thematic Consistency

All the blood that's been used on the overlays were either taken directly from the blood decals in-game or painted by hand. This was done in order to insure the giblets fit in with the blood they leave on the surface of anywhere they land.

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