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Proper Restoration of Desert Dazzle Zone - A Mod for Sonic CD (2011).

Because other ports just replaced Palmtree Panic leading to bugs.

This port, unlike the other ports of this Zone which just replace Palmtree Panic, adds a brand new level slot to the game, and makes the level accessible through the Sound Test Easter egg that previously only showed a photo of the Zone (PCM NO.32, DA NO.08), which is likely how the Zone originally was accessed before it was cut. It is also accessible through the "BONUS" category in the Dev Menu.

The presence of Rubberduckycooly's script decompilation and the Sonic CD Steam mod loader in the same directory as the game executable is REQUIRED for the Steam releaseĀ or else game will not go past the Blit logo, or even load the mod at all, with the decomp allowing you to drop the contents of Data into an unpacked Data folder that resides in the same folder as the compiled decomp executable.

Also included is a fix for the soundtrack option not persisting in certain situations, although, this fix may cause compatibility issues with other mods. In the event of compatibility issues, just make the incompatible mod load after this one by repositioning the mods in the mod list.

Note: The Dev Menu has to be activated manually in the mod's GameConfig.bin. Pre-made Dev Menu mods are not compatible and won't be due to how the Dev Menu is activated.