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Why use a VPK?
Posted 10mo [^] Newer post 10mo by wowks
Faithful/Uncompressed Sounds & More Sound Variety
Posted 1y [^] Newer post 22d by Mr.Unoriginal
MMOD HUD for Vanilla HL2
Posted 2y [^] Newer post 2y by Elmaniks07
AI Upscaled Half-Life 2
Posted 2y Newer post 2mo by jonomite
Posted 3y Newer post 19d by wohSiesta avatar
vertthrasher's HD Weapons - Fixed and Updated
Posted 3y Newer post 2y by ????????????
Half Life 2 Redux Remastered [WIP]
Posted 3y Newer post 1y by Kainey
Chain Grenade
Posted 5y Newer post 1y by gamer_watch
Cartoon/Comic Muzzleflashes
Posted 6y Newer post 19d by Peajo
Beta Gauss Gun
Posted 6y No new posts
One handed Pistol
Posted 6y Newer post 6y by Pygzig
Alyx Gun for HL1
Posted 6y Newer post 6y by FrainBreezed
Colors for Half-Life 2
Posted 7y Newer post 4y by * Serjik *
FC3: BD Minigun Particles
Posted 8y Newer post 8y by Rose Supreme
Black Mesa HUD
Posted 8y Newer post 1y by Muso12
Black Mesa HECU sounds for Combine
Posted 9y No new posts
Minecraft Particle Pack
Posted 9y Newer post 9y by GenuineToaster
Thriller Dance
Posted 9y No new posts
Gold/Silver Medigun/Kritzkreig
Posted 9y Newer post 5y by Hawkshadow741 avatar
Posted 9y Newer post 2y by Kapitan Grigoriy
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