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    Posted by BuckNasty

    Thanks for such awesome feedback, I appreciate it.

    NP bro, sic map though.
  • 10y
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    You can not use any content that's from HL2, CSS etc in TF2 or vice-versa. This goes for all games. It's considered illegal.
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    Turbosmooth dat shit.
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    You rock. Just thought I would let you know.
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    Remake Professional
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    you're 12 points behind me! xD
  • 10y
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    I have properly credited you in the readme now.

    Apologies for the mix up.
    Eat my surf!
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    Yea man it is funny how server companies think you wont do shit against them.....our lawyer will get us all the money to pay fees and shit so not like i worry. but ehhh i should get wii or 360 or ps3 but i a cheap bastard anymore man lol. idk i should get a new game but ehh seems like work to find a good game ya know....i might go back to playing final fantasy again
    Happy Hour Gaming
  • 10y
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    Ehh kinda man i am kinda tapped out with the bullshit and crap with it after i had to go into the 2nd lawsuit with server companies my buddy is still keeping it alive i hear and wants me to come back but i not sure to be honest....right now i just chilling on UT2k4 servers how about you man
    Happy Hour Gaming
  • 10y
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    Yea somewhat man...what ya been up to?
    Happy Hour Gaming
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    What do you mean with needs work visually?
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  • 10y
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    Actually can I show you what I have to see If you will let me go on with it ?
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