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    Hello !
    Q comes after P
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    Posted by Defur Mjeah I guess, do you have a pub-server with this map anywhere?
    Sure do, but being that it is just for testing purposes it gets very few hits during the week. I can get with you this weekend and see if I can get some people on however. The server name is LabelMaker Industries Testing Facility and the ip is I hope to see ya there.
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    Posted by Defur Pros: Well its a working map & original. Cons: Umm, well I dont really understand the layout, in TF2 if youre above someone, you most oftenly have the "height advantage" so I dont really get how the blues are going to make it in this map, the layout is well, weird? Improvements: I dont really know how to improve this map if you dont do mayour changes with the layout, and make the rooms bigger so it becomes less chokepoints and spamfests. Notes: I didnt intend to be mean, sorry, I just dont feel whats good with this man. :(
    Just curious, how many players did you play with and how long did everyone play. Ive tested this map now for about two months with 6 or more players at times and once they figured out all the ins and outs of it, (example:jumping from one battlement to the other as blue and taking the roof to red base) both teams seemed to have a chance. Matter of a fact, a majority of players joined the blue side thinking it was easier than the red. Just give it a chance, this game needs some more originality rather than the same map with a graphics do over and some small tweaks here and there. If you could take another shot at this map with some more friends and see what you end up with.
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    Excuse me, but I saw the poor score on my map, and would like to clear some things up. While climbing the ladders, inside the building, the windows are breakable. This allows for easy access to the cart. You said you have to stand on a specific position on the stairs, but really you can smash a window and ride the cart all the way up. There is also several other perks, like a checkpoint that is unlocked after capping the first point. Hopefully this will change some of your opinions and you can reassess my map.
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    Posted by Defur Very nice! Even though you didnt create it its very good for arena, the only thing I could maybe see change for is some secound floor, balcony or something so you dont feel so unsafe when you peek out behind a huge rock :P
    What else should I add so far, it is the same but the spawns are 1 story higher with a walkway in the middle and the caputre point on the walkway
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